Monday, June 21, 2010

Still Trying To Decide Where To Put This Cancer

No exact end date for chemo, but I'm sooo ready to be done with it: the rash, the long sleeves and pants, the cracked skin and painful sores on feet.  So very very minor in the scheme of tings, but it gives me something to bitch about - a need I have.

Seems like some things have been put in my path the last few days to make me start thinking of the future, but still the subject is CANCER.

  • At church yesterday, as I turn behind me to give The sign Of Peace, the young woman behind me is the counselor from Wellness House from the women's support group. Damn my chemo brain for forgeting her name - she remembers me.

  • a Mom at Michaela's softball game and I were talking and she's seen me all draped, hooded, hats etc all precaustions against the sun I am so very sensitive to due to chemo.  We talk and she she shares that a friend of hers, mid 40's is also battling colon cancer.  I offer her my number to share with her friend - I will be of service in any way her friend may want to connect with me.  To find out that someone is fighting and survivng the exact disease is really important....there's sooo much sadness and grim statistics and death that surrounds this disease, anything remotely positive is appreciated.  I hope she calls me to connect and I hope I can be of service.

  • there was another thing but i forgot it. damn chemo brain...oh yeah, my Wellness House Ladies are getting together Wed night.  Betty, the connector of the group, was missing on everyone and told us she'll be hanging out at a bar and waiting to see if any of us show up!!!!