Friday, March 27, 2009

The doctor said Peg can go home today! She wasn't totally on board with that idea. She did fess up that she is having that same anxious feeling new mothers have when they are being sent home from the hospital and the nurses and doctors are no longer around to help. We know she'll be just fine.

I've learned everything you never want to know about illeostomies/cholostomies It's one of those things you can't help but be curious about and then you're suddenly not sure if it was such a good idea .

Peg will meet with the oncologist April 7th and then move forward with chemotherapy.

I don't know how much there will be to report on between now and then but please continue to pray for Peggy's complete recovery.

The Dean and the Luckey families have been blessed with so many wonderful people in our lives that are praying for her and have offered their time to assist in any way. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

There isn't a whole lot to report today. You know what they say about being in the hospital... You never get any sleep and of course she didn't. Peg did got out of bed for a little walk yesterday. Lee said she made it all the way to the door of her room. I spoke with her this morning and she made it down the hall this time. BTW-between morphine pumps Peg is keeping her sense of humor.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It has been the longest week of our lives since Peg was diagnosed. Surgery is over.It lasted from 2Pm -5PM. At about 6PM the doctor came and spoke with us. There were no surprises, thank the Lord! The tumor was removed along with about 1 ft. of colon. The cancer has not spread beyond the liver. Another bit of great news! A port was put in so she is ready to go once chemo begins. The doctor is hoping to begin treatment in about 2 weeks but this will depend on how she heals from surgery.

It's strange how nervous I was once we were told the doctor was ready to speak with us. You're waiting for it all day but when the time comes you're almost afraid to hear what will be said. In this case it was a relief to hear the news that it had not spread.

Peg was finally brought up to her room at about 8:30. There was no way we were leaving until we could see her. Even if she doesn't remember it made us feel better to see her. All she asked is, "Is it good news? Did they get it all?" Hopefully, that made her sleep a little better.

Good Night-
Katie <3

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hello All,

Here is the latest information on Peg:

Peg was diagnosed with a colon cancer that has spread to her liver.

Surgery is scheduled for Monday afternoon to remove the tumor. Chemo will come some time after that but we aren't sure when that will start.

Peggy truly appreciates everyone's care, concern, good wishes , and prayers. Keep them coming.

Since she isn't certain how she'll after surgery and is requesting no visitors unless she instructs me to tell you otherwise.

That's all for now..