Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It has been the longest week of our lives since Peg was diagnosed. Surgery is over.It lasted from 2Pm -5PM. At about 6PM the doctor came and spoke with us. There were no surprises, thank the Lord! The tumor was removed along with about 1 ft. of colon. The cancer has not spread beyond the liver. Another bit of great news! A port was put in so she is ready to go once chemo begins. The doctor is hoping to begin treatment in about 2 weeks but this will depend on how she heals from surgery.

It's strange how nervous I was once we were told the doctor was ready to speak with us. You're waiting for it all day but when the time comes you're almost afraid to hear what will be said. In this case it was a relief to hear the news that it had not spread.

Peg was finally brought up to her room at about 8:30. There was no way we were leaving until we could see her. Even if she doesn't remember it made us feel better to see her. All she asked is, "Is it good news? Did they get it all?" Hopefully, that made her sleep a little better.

Good Night-
Katie <3


  1. Hi Peggy - I am thrilled to hear your operation was a success - my thoughts are with you and I said my prayers for you over the weekend that the operation would go well and that you will feel better soon.  I hope your recovery goes well and you are able to heal quickly - we all miss you very much.  Take care.  Sincerest best wishes - Kelly Frampton.

  2. Hi Peggy, We were so glad that the surgery went well. Eric, Harry and Frankie and I have all been praying for you and sending you our positive thoughts and love. My mother had her church, Our Lady of the Mountains, say Mass for you on Monday. As I told you, she is very devoted to St. Therese and is sending you blessed rose petals. Hope you are feeing much better soon. Brigette Bell

  3. Peg, you looked so good today, so glad to see that your "spirit" is back, glad the surgery is behind and now we move to step 2, nik, char and tim send their love and prayers, my mom had my dad light a candle for you on sunday, they both have you in their prayers, my sisters also are praying for a speedy recovery, hoping you are feeling better soon. love ya very much julie d

  4. Peggy, I am glad to hear that everything went well. My thoughts are with you and your family and I will keep praying for you. Get better. Love, Deb

  5. Peggy,
    Julie has been keeping me updated, but wanted to write a little note... I am so glad the surgery is behind you and that good news came of it. I will continue to pray for your speedy recovery and the next stages that you will be going through. Keep the faith...you are a fighter. My prayers to you and your family. Love Lisa Phelps

  6. Peggy,
    Just want you to know that my family and I are praying for a perfect recovery and that you would experience Gods grace and peace as you go through this journey of recovery.
    So do not fear for I am with you, do not be dismayed for I am your God, I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10
    nancy bray

  7. Today, the day after surgery, Peg was a little more alert, not exactly the old Peg, but aware. She has a long way to go, but with all the love and prayers being sent her way she will be better than before.

    From her Mom

  8. Hi Peggy.

    You are so doggone famous and well-liked that the news of your impending operation reached all the way to Arizona before the tires stopped squeaking on the hospital tram that wheeled you into the operating room.

    The entire Valentine State is wishing you a speedy recovery. (Even the Republicans and that's a lot more than Obama can expect.)

    If you are as feisty as your mother--and I know you are since I watched you pull the dog's tail so many years ago when you thought nobody was looking and you still crawled intead of walked--this present temporary setback will only make you stronger.

    If that is even possible.

    My best thoughts are with you.

    Jim Reynolds

  9. Hi Peggy, being that i know so many people in town it didn't take long for the news to filter to me. Instantly i went into prayer for you and your family. I'm so happy to hear you came through surgery with a good report. Í and my church will continue to pray for you. (May God keep you in perfect peace)

    Chris Martin
    (Your Orkin Guy)

  10. Peggy, We all all so happy about thegreat news! It was the news we expected, because of the love and prayers that were sent your way. Jesus is taking good care of you!god bless you and Lee and the beautiful girls!We hope to see you soon. Love Gail and Tom and the group.