Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Return To Chemo

I'm starting back on my Chemo treatments today. It's been about 2 months almost since my last chemo. Between the 2 hospitilizations in august and the infected portacatheter, my shrinky-juice regiment fell by the wayside.

In one way, I'm glad to get back on chemo so I can continue killing my tumors. part of me is scared that the hiatus caused some cancer to return or grow. Nothing I can do about it, sadly, but get back in the game.

It's been nice not having mouth sores or finger and heel fissures. It's also nice not having to deal with the poo-pouch anymore. The reconnection is not as bad as I feared. Not great, but not as bad.

Have a great week my praying warriors. Please know I continue to cherish the support and strength I get from all your prayers and good wishes


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Images of Illness

I know I'm kind of wierd to take pictures of my war wounds, but it's part of my journey- the scars, the pain, the procedures, the poking, the prodding, the recovering.

Wiggin' Out

Mom and I went to the wig store yesterday. I have a really small pin-head, so a bit of a challeng finding a "cap" that fit my noggin'. I also confirmed that I look hideous with long hair, even though I've tried to grow it out a few times in the past - never made it past my ears!.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week three without my Pal (Pouch) and Looking forward to Springsteen Concert

After a rough couple of days last week, adjustment to being re-hooked in the intetinal department hasn't been too bad. Nothing normal by any means, but pretty quiet thus far. I promise not to report on the details of my Bowel Movements, I'm not old enough for THAT club!

Still sore from surgeries- I dread sneezing as it does a number on my abdominal stitches. Eating enough throughout the day still a challenge, and fighting lethargy too.

Lucky for me, Ruth, my sister-in-law, is making a return visit this Monday to help cart me around while Lee is out of town, and give my parents a break too. Again, I am so very blessed to have such support in my life.

Friday I am going for a Wig Appointment. The hair is just going and going, I look really silly now.

Nothing too exciting. I need to rally, get some energy and get back to chemo in a few weeks. '

I am getting really antsy and annoyed. I just am ready to be "normal" again. It's been 6 months since diagnosis - went kind of fast. I want to do the things I used to bitch about- cook dinner, do the laundry, drive my kids all over town. I feel so lost right now, and bored.

Thank you all for your continued prayers, love and support!


Friday, September 11, 2009

Good Bye Stumpy & The Magical Poo Pouch

After 11 days, I'm finally back from the Hospital.
My sister Katie kept you all updated- here is condensed summary:

Two Mondays ago I was admitted to hospital after spending an entire day in the ER (9:30 am thru 6:30 PM) . X-rays revealed no bowel obstruction but a subsequent Cat Scan Did.

2 days later I have surgery to untwist my bowels (the cause of the pain and misery that suddenly came on that Monday), the surgeon also reversed my ileostomy (Stumpy) and put in a central line in my neck since my original portable catheter was taken out.

So, I have one long-ass crooked scar from pelvis to above the belly button. I have the open wound I need to dress each day where my stumpy was and I look like Frankenstein with the central line with three IV connections coming out of my neck.

The heinous procedure I endured was getting an NG tube stuck down my nose and into my throat. This procedure rivals the barium enema, let me tell you. Can you imagine getting a tube, with 2 dangling knobs snaked up your nose, thru the sinuses and into your throat? They heard my screams on the entire 7th floor. It was awful. The reason for the tube was to drain off the bile and whatever was backing up in my bowels due to the obstruction. As a patient with abdominal surgeries, I understand that we are prone to obstructions etc because of scar tissue build up..God I hope this passes me by!

I was also put on IV nutrition- couldn't take anything by mouth- except an ice chip- for over a week. Even though food tastes like crap to me anyway, to not even be able to take a nice sip of liquid is cruel. So now, after not eating solid food for almost 2 weeks, I have to start eating again.

I feel like I'm starting all over again with this food thing. After the last hospitilization and getting my ilesotomy output under contril, I was gaining weight and eating more. Now I have a new set of things to deal with because of the reversal. I just hope my tranition from bag lady to normal plumbing hook up is not as bad as I fear.

Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers. It''ll be a few weeks till I get back on chemo and tumor attack mode. I have a new portacath on my left side now. So I have 4 new scars on this old body of mine!



Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hello All,

I spoke to Peg this morning. The last couple of days have not been pretty(I'll let Peg provide the details when she is back on line as only she can and I don't want to.) but her recovery is going as expected by her doctor. Now she just needs to start eating solid foods today so they can see how she reacts and remove the feeding line. If that goes well she should be out of the hospital Thursday or Friday.

Thank you for your continued prayers. I believe they are making the difference.


Thursday, September 3, 2009


Surgery to reverse Peg's ostemy and correct the blockage went very well. She says she feels like she was hit by a truck today but otherwise she sounded pretty good when I talked to her. The stoma remains open to heal closed on its own and she has a new incision above her belly button. They also added a place to give her nutrition so they can fatten her up a bit. It doesn't sound like she will be back on chemo for a couple of weeks and they'll have to put in a new port since the first one was infected and had to be removed. That's it for now. Must get back to work.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hi Everyone,

I'm updating the blog today because Peg has been in the hospital since Monday. I'll give you the facts and of course she can put her colorful spin on it when she has a chance.

She was in a great deal of pain once again. After a CAT scan they determined there is some kind of a blockage they need to fix. A tube had to be put down her throat or nose (Mom was there so I'm not certain on that detail but she said it was an awful experience for Peg and there were a lot of F-Bombs dropped through it all) to remove anything in her system that was trying to get through. Relief. Surgery required to repair blockage and surgeon wants to reverse ostimey at the same time. Oncologist disagrees because she wants to do radiation. Surgeon says not enough evidence that radiation is necessary. Radiologist also agrees that radiation is not the way to go. Hmm..what's a girl to do. Decision time. Surgery at 10:00 am to fix blockage and reverse ostimey. Peg will be in the hospital through the weekend. Keep you posted.

Continued prayers requested to get this wonderful sister of mine to a complete recovery.