Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hi Everyone,

I'm updating the blog today because Peg has been in the hospital since Monday. I'll give you the facts and of course she can put her colorful spin on it when she has a chance.

She was in a great deal of pain once again. After a CAT scan they determined there is some kind of a blockage they need to fix. A tube had to be put down her throat or nose (Mom was there so I'm not certain on that detail but she said it was an awful experience for Peg and there were a lot of F-Bombs dropped through it all) to remove anything in her system that was trying to get through. Relief. Surgery required to repair blockage and surgeon wants to reverse ostimey at the same time. Oncologist disagrees because she wants to do radiation. Surgeon says not enough evidence that radiation is necessary. Radiologist also agrees that radiation is not the way to go. Hmm..what's a girl to do. Decision time. Surgery at 10:00 am to fix blockage and reverse ostimey. Peg will be in the hospital through the weekend. Keep you posted.

Continued prayers requested to get this wonderful sister of mine to a complete recovery.



  1. I'm here Katie and praying for Peggy's quick recovery and for the doctors to find the wisdom to find the answers.

    If you need anything please...please...let me know.


  2. Continuing to pray.