Saturday, September 26, 2009

Images of Illness

I know I'm kind of wierd to take pictures of my war wounds, but it's part of my journey- the scars, the pain, the procedures, the poking, the prodding, the recovering.


  1. Oh my what ... they look so painful ... wishing you all the best.

  2. hi, Peg:

    I don't mind it - and it probably is good to get the "war wounds" out in the open. It eliminates the mystique. I actually think you're looking pretty good. And the wig is lovely! I have always wanted to try on a long one too, but I suspect that long hair is just not for me!


  3. I just found you through your siggy on Two Peas - and I think it's wonderful that you are sharing every little bit! Knowing the enemy...very important when you need to kick it's ass! You look great, your smile is fabulous - keep doing what you're doing. I'm cheering you on!

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  5. War wounds or not - you still look like my Peggers to me:)