Tuesday, January 12, 2010


That is what Peg was offered yesterday. She and Lee met with Dr. Fong at Sloan Kettering and he feels she is a good candidate for surgery. It is surgery that will give her the best chance at being cured so surgery it will be. The sound of Peg's voice after she left the doctors office and told us the news was positively joyful, through tears of course, but joyful.

There is more to it than just operating and magically the cancer will be gone but now she has hope and a plan which is what Peg has wanted.

My dad said he feels a miracle is in the making. Part of that miracle is our family friend, Dr. Miller. He been instrumental in getting Peggy in to Dr. Fong at Sloan Kettering. He has guided Peg through every process, explained things in lay terms, and peppered it with a little spiritual guidence.

Since Peg has gone back on chemo her hands hurt so she did not want to type today but wanted to let you know how things went. She is back home and will be planning out the course that will take her back to Sloan for surgery. Details, details, details. As soon as she is feeling up to it she'll be blogging once more in the raw, colorful, and heartfelt way that only she can.

Please keep praying for Peggy's complete recovery.



  1. THAT IS WONDERFUL NEWS! I have to say I think your Dad may be right:) Keeping the prayers going girl!!! I've even asked Augie for a little assistance=). Thanks for letting us know Katie.

    Love ya Peg,


  2. Peggy and Katie, joy joy joy to my eyes and music to my ears! I must have prayed 1000 times yesterday! I came across something this weekend that describes our Peg to T - Know that anyone who bears with difficulty or suffering in a godly way is doing something honorable. Peace and love to you Peg and to you Katie for being an awesome sister - Kirsten

  3. Wonderful news. I can't even begin to know how you are feeling, it was hard for me to just open the post for fear of what it might say. I am so glad it was good news. Your courage, spirit and determination are leading you down the right path and all the prayers are paving the way.
    We'll keep praying- Patty S

  4. OH..my... gosh...I see a party in our future girls!!

    Thank you Dr. Miller on behalf of all of Peggy's friends! God speed to you Dr. Fong and thank you Father for watching over our dear Peggy!!

    Peg - A note from my son Aaron - he said...you are an inspiration to him and he needs inspiration in his life right now. He said he will be praying for you and to thank you for both your strength and for sharing your story!!

    We all love you!!


  5. Thanks so very much for keeping us up to date Katie, am praying very intently for Peggy and her lovely family. Love, Diane

  6. Thank God Thank God! This is wonderful news Peg. Your Dad is right-a miracle IS in the making! I (and all of your loved ones) have tried to understand what a rough road this has been, but only you truly know. Please please keep the faith. The direction, clarity and "plan" that has been prayed for is here. You continue to be at the top of our prayer list. Keep fighting.
    Love, Pam and Taylor

  7. Re-connecting with you the other day and meeting Lee was a true blessing in my life. Let's hear it for HOPE!

  8. Hi Peggy - It's Deb Tedeschi. I had no idea the battle you have been facing. Keep the faith. My mother-in-law is a Phase IV inflammatory breast cancer survivor - 12 years. She is truly a walking miracle and believes it was her faith that healed her. I am asking her to put you on her prayer chain. She is an amazing woman and so are you. You CAN beat this! All the best.