Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Glory and the Power Continue.....

Had a CAT scan today. Wanted one done in Chicago before heading to New York next month, JUST to be sure no surprises.

Dr. Lo called me as soon as she got the prelim readings....NO new cancer and in fact some decreased tumor size.  The chemo continues to work.

The Miracle continues folks....I have one more round of chemo then 4 weeks until surgery.  I'm starting to get antsy, I was wanting more "up" time before surgery and being weak and non-mobile, but now I'm just ready to get under the knife, scoop all the cancer out and get on with it.   But that's OK, I will enjoy these next 4 weeks, see friends, get things in order and then be off to New York.

As always, THANK YOU for your continual, powerful, prayer-filled presence. IT's Working!!!!!!!



  1. What a Happy-In Love-picture! I love it!! Peg, our prayers for you and your family continue with enthusiasm, fire and power! March 17 will be a day rocked with spirit for you and your loved ones. Such a long road you have been on but now there is a definite light at the end of this journey!! Your Dad was right-I feel a miracle too! Our prayers of love and grace are offered up for your friends as well. May they be as strong as you with their own journeys
    Love, Pam

  2. Love your picture with Lee! Its perfect! Sail on big Momma cause you're gonna whip the shit out of this yet Peg!!!

    Love ya!

  3. That is wonderful news ... keep up the good work.