Monday, February 1, 2010

It's All Coming Together - New York

The details for accomodations in New York are falling in place.  Lee and I will travel to NYC the Saturday before surgery (tests etc Sunday, Monday Tuesday) and secured super priced shared apartment at the Miracle House for the first 10 days then Lee and I will move to the Hope Lodge for the last leg of the trip.

My dad, the STALKER, called the Miracle house 10 times until he got a live person today, to confirm a room for him and mom.  My sister will stay the 2nd leg.

So, it's all coming together Prayer Warriors - affordable housing for my loved ones spending time in NYC with me for what will be the most important surgery of my LIFE.  Again, I THANK YOU all for your never-ending support and prayers.




  1. Peggy, so glad to hear things are falling into place! My mom asked about you the other day and told me her prayer circle at her church is praying for you! Sarah (age 7) says Get Well! and she would "like to see you sometime" up in Chicago. Love you lots, Kirsten

  2. Good luck, Peggy. Glad that all your plans have worked out. That's one less thing to worry about. How nice to have your family's support and all those prayer warriors out there. :)

  3. Perhaps I'll need to come out and administer the "mojito IV";) Glad to hear you're ready to go Peg!

    Love ya lots!

  4. Peggy, I have followed your blog with prayer from the start and have written looonnnggg notes to you, but never see any confirmation that any make it. Will send this one and are loved and prayed for on this most important journey. I can't tell you how unbelievably brave and faith-filled you have been through it all. You inspire many. With my heart I wish you ev erything! Prayers from Kim (Shields) Reimna Reiman

  5. Peg,

    Don't ya just love it when a plan comes together? I am thinking of you and praying for you every day! And I am just thanking God in advance for the healing I know you will receive!

    I'm also asking you and any of your prayer warriors who might read this to hold up my friend Carol in prayer. She just found out she has pancreatic cancer. Carol is truly one of the most lovely people I know. As you can imagine she's in shock right now. They're performing surgery this coming Thursday. Pray it hasn't spread and removing the pancreas and the spleen is an option.

    Love you Girl and hope to see you soon!!