Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Story of Hope Continues...God keeps connecting the Dots...

My Betty - A fantastic, funny, wonderful woman from the Wellness House support group is having a send-off dinner for me before I leave Chicago and go to Sloan for liver resection. She calls me yesterday with a story:

Betty, attended a celebration at Wellness House, a non-profit center for cancer patients and family. She starts talking to the Director and tells her about all the women she met and that she's having us all over for dinner to celebrate my upcoming life-saving surgery. The Director starts questioning her about where my surgery is and who is performing it, she gets wide-eyed and starts looking for another attendee, Mike.  Mike wasn't there anymore but the Director tells Betty - "tell Peggy that Mike was ALSO Stage 4 Colon cancer and had surgery 13 years ago by Dr. Fong"!!!  Can you believe the thread that keeps connecting me to HOPE???   I'm crying all over again !!!

I can't wait for Mike to get in touch with me so I can hear his story.

It continues to amaze me...I am not scared, Ii am not worried, my mindset ever since I got into Sloan and Dr. Fong told me he'd operate is..Peace.  I think I feel peaceful about my's all gonna be OK.   I hope that's not Pollyanna on my part..I don't think it is.  So many of you feel the same way and have told me "Peg, I feel good about this, I'm not worried for you anymore"

The other way my mind is operating is " OK, I am D.O.N.E. with this cancer crap.  Let's wrap it up and move on.  I'm done with hospitals, ERs, needles, weekly chemo, etc...."

As always, THANK YOU my glorious, wonderful beautiful prayer warriors.....your work is paying off.  I so hope you are receiving blessings in your life, be they little or deserve it and MORE for all you have done for me and my family.



I was just crying at that seems like there have been a series of wonderful coincidences and connections that got me to where I am going...the glory continues and I feel sooo very Hopeful


  1. As you know Peg, I am one of those who have said it, that I feel so good about your trip to Sloan, that all will be OK. I know as sure as I sit here typing this while crying that I will one day be drinking a mojito with my girl again and I can't wait=)

    I love you my Peggers!!


  2. Hi Peggy
    When I attended the U of I in Champaign, students entering Lincoln Hall to take exams paused to rub Abe Lincoln's nose for good luck. (There was a bust at the foot of the main stair csse.) Lincoln's nose had been well polished over the years.
    Yesterday I had to go the Day Hospital at 7am. I gave Cardinal Bernadin's nose a good rub for you. I also prayed for you in church this morning.
    All the best

  3. Peg:

    Thanks for kind words. I sent your link to Jeannie Cella at Wellness House. Told her to read today's blog so she won't forget to get in touch with Mike. But of course with me on her butt pestering her every day, I'm sure she won't forget.


  4. Peggy,
    Your faith and confidence are so inspirational. Of course this will be the end of cancer for you, how could the outcome be any different? Praying for you, Lee and the girls that soon your lives will soon be back to normal. God is good!
    Kris Lopez

  5. You know I love, love, love you and your Vermont prayer warriors are on the job.

    We are with you, praying for you, thinking of you, every day.


    Lori Lu