Monday, March 15, 2010

Live In New York, It's........

Lee & I made it safely to NYC Satruday.  Rained cats & dogs Saturday, most of Sunday and now just drizzly.  I'm blogging from the waiting room of SLoan Kettering Outpatient Center, waiting to do pre-op Testing:  EKG, blood draws, Chest X-Ray.  IT'll be a long wait as the waiting room is packed.  A year of chemo treatments and multiple ER visits and surgeries, I know the waiting game.

Today is the last day I can eat food, so as soon as I'm sprung this afternoon, I need to be a locust and eat my way through NYC for the next few hours.

Lee snapped a picture of Me and Dr. Fong at my pre-op visit today, I'll try and post it tonight.  He thinks this willl be a successful surgery - meaning he can get all the tumors....there's something about him that is so peaceful, yet authoritative and confident.  He can be talking Valkan and you'd beleive him!  It's comforting.

Thankk God for Lee, he has the NYC Bus system pretty much down.  I told him "Thank God you're here to navigate so I only halfpay attention"  which is about all I'm capable of right now in my spazzy pre-op state of mind.

No NY moments, except the dead umbrellas.  AFter the major storm on Satruday, all you see on the sidewalks are abandoned umbrellas, turned inside out and destroyed becasue it was soooo windy Satruday.  I'll try and snap a picutre.

Oh and ther was a guy on the bus this morning with the nastiest breath ever, it envolped me like a cloud of nastiness, and I just tried to breath into Lee's neck for a whiff of cologne, anything to disband the halitosis.




  1. I pray that Dr Fong has a strong and steady hand and that your guardian angel guides him as he rids you of all remaining cancer. Lee and Peggy we are praying for you as hard as we can. Make this the best St Patrick's Day ever! May God bless you both. Love, Sarah and Sean

  2. Hi Doll,

    You sound fabulous and I'm so glad to hear the confidence and joy in your writing today. You're on my mind and in my heart and I will only be thinking of you on Wednesday, praying to God and sending my love to you.

    Personally I feel so good about you being in NYC and in the hands of Dr. Fong, I'm peaceful about it. I love you and can't wait to spend time together when all of this is behind you.

    Have fun eating your way through NYC and keep thinking the good thoughts!

    Big hugs and kisses, prayers and love from Wisconsin!


  3. Hey girlie ♥

    Your halitosis story reminds me of when we would ride the bus to C&W with all the ladies wearing too much Poison perfume!!

    I, too, have a peaceful feeling about Dr. Fong.

    Thinking and praying for you, Lee, your family and Dr. Fong and his team.

    Love you!

    Lori Lu

  4. I am in the wings praying for you Peggy. May God carry you through this operation as the angels above keep a watchful eye on you.
    Lisa Phelps

  5. Peggy Dean you are awesome and you always will be!! Hang in there!! My thoughts and prayers are with you!! Maybe there's a book in your future!!
    Tracy Luciana

  6. You go, girl. You have my continued prayers

  7. Your humor is unbelievable! We will all continue to pray for you as you get "Fonged" tomorrow!! We love ya...Deana