Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sweet Home Chicago

Last day in NYC. Can't wait to get home. I've never been away for 3 weeks at a crack.

Saw Dr. Fong yesterday.  The pathology on the tumors they removed showed 80-90% necrosis - meaning dead tissue.  He wants me to do scans in 3 months then 6 months so he can review.  He also recommends 3 months of chemo starting in 3 weeks, to kill any micrscopic cancer cells that may still be lingering in the liver.

So those are my marching orders.  I think I can handle it!


  1. Yes, my friend, you can do it! We'll continue with you on your journey! You are always in our prayers. Love you, Laurene

  2. Well then I'd say the "Fong You Cancer" crusade was a success!!! Welcome home Peg and I can't wait to see you!!! =)

    Love You,

  3. Am so excited to see you. A celebration dinner with the girls in order!! Thank the Lord this surgery is over and whats a little more Chemo when it will get rid of any "Nasties" that might be hanging around. Go to hell you leftovers, if you are there!!


  4. YEA!!!!! So happy to hear such great news Peg! This long long road now has a finish line in plain site. Your strength, your perseverance, and most important-your faith has paid off. We'll continue to have you all in our prayers for a happy, healthy, Spring! Welcome Home!
    Love, Pam and Tay

  5. Peg, I am so very very happy for you. Safe journey home. you are truly an inspiration and a miracle. god love ya! Linda B

  6. Hi Peg,

    Hope you made it home safe and sound. And...I'm sure you can handle it, especially knowing at the end comes a clean bill of health along with it!

    I keep thinking of your girls and Lee, how they must have given a huge, collective sigh of relief along with many tears of thanks when they heard the news.

    I've told you this before but I have to say it again, you're my hero Peg! As your friend I will be forever grateful to Dr. Fong. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to be him...to know you can help people, actually save lives. It must be an awesome and at times overwhelming feeling. Anyway I thank God you found him!!

    Once you're settled and feeling yourself again let's plan an outing. I cannot wait to see you!



  7. Hi Peggy!

    So glad to hear the surgery was a success!!!! I will definitely pass the good news on to the rest of the chemo crew at Loyola :) Our thoughts and prayers are still with you xoxox


  8. Although I have been sick and couldn't see you - I must admit to listening to "Wang Chung Tonight" every morning with the kids - they call it "Peggy's Song" :D Livvy drives, I dance in the car, Donovan sings - and we think of you ♥

    You are so strong I know this next little bit will be a piece of cake for you!

    sending big hugs and prayers

    Lori Lu

  9. Peggy
    Glad you are back, you are doing well. Did you see this item in today's Chi Sun Times:
    The days of hauling dolphins, gorillas and tigers from Brookfield Zoo to Loyola University Medical Center for checkups are over.

    The Maywood hospital donated a CT scanner able to handle weights of up to 400 pounds to the zoo, which joins the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo as the only zoos in the country with on-site scanners.

    "It makes it much easier and safer for the animals," said Michael Adkesson, a zoo veterinarian who scanned an aardvark named Jessi for possible dental problems Thursday. "When we take an animal to Loyola, it has to be under anesthesia for the move."


    Ok, I just had a CT. I was not aware a dolphin, gorilla or tiger might have preceded me in the machine. It's a good thing I did not actually witness this, as I they would have had to rush me from the Cardinal Bernadin Cancer Center to the cardiac unit. Or possibly the psych ward...

    I don't know about you, but this news item leaves one vital question unanwered: How the hell do you get a gorilla to drink Reddi-Cat??? (Do you think it is offered in Bananna flavor???)
    Take care