Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Post Surgery News

Peg is out of surgery and doing well. It was expected to last 3 1/2 to 4 hours but Dr. Fong was done in about 2 hours which of course had Lee and my folks scared when he came walking out that soon. It was all good news.Only 40% of Peg's liver had to be removed. There is one tumor remaining of the 8 or 9 that he could not remove because it is too close to blood vessels. He cauterized it or as Lee put it, "fried the shit out of it" to kill any remaining live cancer cells that might be there. It hasn't been determined if she will need further treatment..

That's all for now. The rush of relief I've been waiting for has just come in a flood of tears. Can't type and cry anymore.

Thank you everyone for all your continued prayers and good wishes,



  1. Katie,

    Thanks for the update...I too am crying with relief and will continue to pray. God bless you Dr. Fong!

    Hugs and kisses!


  2. Katie,
    I'm so pleased you've updated us... Give Peg my love and wish her all the very best xxxx

  3. Katie,

    Thanks so much for the update - I'm crying too. I have been since yesterday.

    Thanks be to God and Dr. Fong.

    Hugs and love to you all ♥


  4. We are both crying too! Finally-huge tears of joy, relief, peace. Bless you Peg,Lee Col and Makela, Dr. Fong, your staff and everyone that had a part in this! Especially to you God. Thank you for being in charge-such great great news!!!
    Love, Pam and Tay
    p.s.-thanks so much for the update!! I couldn't wait to get home and check my computer! I KNEW it would be wonderful news :)

  5. Just a note from Abq. Best to you, Peggy. A swift recovery and prayers for healing. From one pooper trouper to another.
    Kathryn Stephens

  6. Katie, thank you for the wonderful news - I prayed at every stoplight and stop sign today that Dr. Fong would find THE WAY! love, kirsten

  7. I must have checked this blog 8 times today. When I saw you had blogged I took a deep breath and read it.....Wow!! Blessings to your mom and aldo to Dr. Fong. We all at the Wellness house are cheering.

    Betty Stuart

  8. I must have checked the blog 8 times today. When I saw your update I just took a deep breath and read it....Wow! What a strong family, what an incredibly strong mom. Blessings to those powerful hands of Dr. Fong.

    All of us at the Wellness house are cheering and celebrating.

    Betty Stuart

  9. That's so great. I've been thinking about this all day. I'm here in New York if any of you need anything.
    Peter Tedeschi

  10. I can totally relate Katie, when I got to work this morning I had a Facebook post from Peg that she had posted early this morning and I cried, then after you called me this afternoon, I But I gotta tell ya after I got off the phone with you and composed myself, I felt a huge overwhelming feeling of pure joy! Shes gonna be just fine and God is good!



  11. Wonderful news - There is a group of us from California who have been keeping up with Peggy's site and we are so happy with the latest news. Thank you Lord for listening to our prayers!