Thursday, October 1, 2009

Good News

Went for my first round of Chemo yestearday after an 8-week break. As I mentioned before, kind of a nervous feeling wondering if the break in chemo allowed any cancer to re-grow or spread. Well....

According to my latest bloodtest, my tumor marker, CRE, which was at 1400 In March when I was diagnosed, is now down to 2! Yes 2! It was 5.5 when I stopped Chemo in August. So this shows that while the chemo will leave your bloodstream in 24 hours, it stays in your CELLS and is cummulative.

So far the plan is I get 3-4 more rounds of chemo. Then a PET scan to see if any live cancer activity lurking in the liver or elsewhere i suppose. If no live activity, then the Team will come up with plan- liver reseaction, targeted chemo, RFA etc....I'm guessing after the 1st of the year we'll have an idea.

Thanks to all of you for your continued prayers!!!! You are ALL responsible for my progress and healing! XOXOXOX Peggy


  1. :) That IS good news! I hope things continue to go so well.

  2. That is GREAT news! I hope and pray for your continued progress.

  3. Prayers answered...great news!! Love the new hair do too. Deana

  4. Great news! Im sure all the prayers help but I think your will and determination is your greatest weapon. I loved the wigs, the red one reminds me of your mom when we were young, you look just like her.

    Patty Slowik

  5. We are soooooo happy about the number "2" !! it shows that your hard work, spirited determination and God graced support is definitely having the effect we have all been praying for. We are so hoping that with this latest chemo, your side effects will be lessened. Again I have to say, Peg, you are a true hero in our eyes! Love, Tay and Pam

  6. YAHOOOO PEGGERS!!! THATS AWESOME NEWS! We'll be having mojitos together again before ya know it;)

    Love ya girl!



  7. Wonderful news Peggy!
    I have tried to keep up on your blogging all these months! Sorry it took me so long to comment.....Our church here in Dodgeville (Grace Lutheran) will continue to pray for you and your family throughout your journey and recovery from this ______ disease! The Power of Prayer IS AWESOME! And, your daughter is also awesome! You and Lee must be soooooo proud! Love and Miss You, Keep on Truckin' Peg! Cousin Janie Luckey & Family