Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I actualy felt "normal" yesterday

6 weeks post surgery and I'm finally feeling somewhat "normal".

I did 2 unexciting but "normal" things:

I made Spaghetti Sauce - I haven't cooked much since being diagnosed, so this was a biggie. My favorite food I make is my homemade sauce, too bad it doesn't taste so great for me BUT me and the girls and my brother Kevin actually sat down together and had a meal! We talked, we laughed, the girls bugged each other...BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

I went to the grocery store - I hate grocery shopping, and Lee or Colleen have been doing that chore for the past 7 months, but yesterday, somehow, I felt normal. Although the cashier that's been there for years asked me if I've been sick, since she hadn't seen me in so long. Well, yes, you could say that.

Nothing else of note this week. Although I am contemplating a somewhat big purchase- a Cricut die-cutting machine. I'm getting back into Scrapbooking and this does-it-all tool is calling my name. Costco is having a good deal on a bundle and I've gone there twice to just look at it. I'm ususally more decisive and just go for it but.......$$$

Have a GREAT Week my Prayer Warriors!



  1. YAY!So glad to hear you are feeling "normal" - I will continue to pray for you and your family. xoxo Deana

  2. Normal is good ... all the best to you.

  3. I love my cricut. Go get it, you deserve to spend time doing something you enjoy.

    Patty Gardner SLowik

  4. Woop Woop.. Let Normality commence xx

  5. Hmmm I think we both made spaghetti sauce on the same day! It's amazing how much little things and chores like grocery shopping add to the fullness of our everyday lives.

    I'm so excited you got a Cricut! I have been borrowing a friend's - but I think I may have to take the plunge. There are lots of great deals on eBay for accessories too.

    Love you ♥ love you ♥ Lori Lu