Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blessed Times Three!

I feel like I'm the lucky sister of Ebeneezer Scrooge- instead of being visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, I was BLESSED by real people of my Past Present and Future.

1. Last week, my college friend, Laurene, was in Chicago for business trip. She taxied from the Loop out to Maywood to meet me at Chemo and spend time with me. Chemo was cancelled and she, my Mom and I had a great lunch at the Marion Street Cheese Market in Oak Park. We haven't seen each other in a few years, but, as always, we easily fell back into an effortless camaraderie - catching up on kids, work, life etc.

2. On Saturday, my sister Katie and I drove up to Lake Geneva, WI to meet Mary for lunch. Mary is a friend and colleague of Katie's and a special Prayer Warrior of mine. She always shares thoughtful, encouraging, loving support via this blog. I was so excited to meet her in person and she's every bit as beautiful in person as in cyber-world. She is my new Present and Future Friend!!!

3. Early Sunday evening, as I just lay down to take a load off, I hear a knock at the door and Lee call me. I was thinking it might be a neighbor and I wasn't in the mood to visit. I reluctantly get up and who is standing in my living room? Javier Lopez - a friend I knew over 20 years ago when I was a student living in Madrid, Spain. He was in Chicago to attend a funeral and was trying to look me up - our phone is unlisted. He googled me, found this Blog and showed up on my doorstep. After reading about my Cancer, he made it a point to pay me and my family a visit.

So, Christmas came early for me. God continues to show me the absolute beauty of the people around me, even those on the periphery.

I continue to be blessed 1,000 times over. How do I compete with that? How do I ever begin to bring this abundance of love back out into the universe? If you have an answer, PLEASE let me know!!



  1. Our Dearest Peggy,

    The Western Luckeys continue to follow your BLOG and I, for one, am so encouraged and amazed at your continued stamina and grateful for all of your Blessings and ours, too! Keep on Truckin' Gal!
    You are forever in our daily prayers, please give your family hugs and kisses from All of Us! Cousin Janie Luckey

  2. IMHO this blog is one way for you to push your blessings and abundance out to the universe. Continute to tend to it like you would a garden, your blog is touching lives and so it, like a garden is baring fruit.

    Your positive thoughts and actions too send their energy out to the universe and so keep keeping on my darling friend because you're already doing it!!

    Love from Wisconsin!


  3. Peggers, surprises are always nice and you deserve every one that you get!

    Smoochies my girl!


  4. Peggy, I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing the yays and the boos of your journey. You are truly surrounded by people who love you like crazy, as always keeping you in my prayers!

  5. Ref: "this blog is one way for you to push your blessings and abundance out to the universe."

    It has already happened. I just answered your query on the Blogger help forum about adding a blog roll gadget to your blog and you have helped me much more in return! Thank you so much!

    I need to understand what is colon cancer, chemo, liver tumour etc. because my brother in-law has just undergone surgery last Saturday at GlenEagles in Singapore for colon cancer.

    Your blog is definitely helping me to understand much more about his illness and the treatment regime he needs to follow.

    God bless all the kind hearted people!
    He works in wondrous ways.
    Our prayers will be with you!

    David Chin
    Hamilton, New Zealand