Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yippee skippee- Another Answered Prayer

My undies were in a bundle at the thought of having to endure an NG tube, or WORSE another operation. Alas, prayers answered.

I didn't have a bowel obstruction, but most likely a twisted bowel or pinched bowel that resolved itself this time. Docs can't be 100% certain, however the surgeon and resident both said that they see this with their chemo patients - bowel mobility is compromised.

Here's hoping for a pain-free, hospital-free future. Except, of course, when I can have my miracle-producing suurgery that will rid my body of the evil tumors!

Hats off to my AWESOME Prayer Warriors.. IT WORKS


  1. Wahayyy! Fantastic news matey.. i'm so pleased for you xx

  2. I am overjoyed at this GREAT news!

    We continue to pray for your continued improvement, kicking cancer's ass, and for a pain-free, hospital-free future.

    You are in my thoughts daily - l♥ve you!

    Lori Lu

  3. Good for you Peggers! Next time it gives you trouble call me and I'll give it a good yank:):):)

    Love you!

  4. Yay!! You are truly winning this war battle by battle Peg! I hope you are home soon. My hope for you is that your strength is as endless as our prayers. Keep fighting-you are definitely winning my friend.
    Love, Pam

  5. I love to read good news!
    :) Hope things continue to go so well for ya!