Friday, November 6, 2009

PET Scan Today- Anxious

I go for a PET Scan this morning. This imaging differs from CAT scan because it's looking for "live" cancer activity, as opposed to the flat images of a CAT scan. I'll see Dr. lo next Wed and she'll go over the results.

Will my progress continue? Will there be good news or bad? It's such a stressful time waiting for any test results - will I dodge a bullet this time?

Your mind plays terrible games- either you just don't think about it at all OR you start playing out scenarios.

My prayer for today: That the PET Scan shows NO new cancer lurking ansywhere and that my tumors are shrunken sooo much that my Cancer Team can begin planning my next tumor-resection surgery.

XOXO Peggy


  1. Waiting must be the worst Peg. So here is what I pray for you: That the week-end finds you in a sunny warm place with family, that lots of laughter finds you, that peace and strength bear you up thru Wed. And most important-that it be God's will that NO NEW CANCER lurks.
    with all our love and prayers,
    Tay and Pam

  2. It is so hard to wait. We've been in this position many times. I hate it. I hope you find something to do this weekend to help distract you. Go have some fun! Best wishes.