Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm In - made It Behind the Iron Curtain of Appt. Screening at Sloan Kettering!

Something beautiful has been happening in the past 48 hours or so, let me try and explain:

You know when you have to deal with annoying but necessary bureaucratic procedures and phone calls? Like tech help for a computer problem and you go through 27 layers of "If X Press 1" until you finally reach a live body....It's really frustrating, highly time-consuming but you just know, that in order to get resolution, you need to get your mind all set that this is going to be a long phone call and very frustrating.

So, after my rookie attempt at getting the ball rolling at Sloan Kettering, Dr. Miller, my connection to Dr. Fong (liver surgeon at Sloan) heard my tale and emailed Dr. Fong. Dr. Miller gave him my case background and Dr. Fong replied that I should call his office to get an appt.

It was NOT the general Appt. Number, it was Dr. Fong's Office Number. Yippee! I'm behind the Iron Curtain and I have the email trail to prove it!

So, first thing Monday morning I call THE number at Sloan Kettering. I was leery, did Dr. Fong give me another general number and I'd still have to maneuver my way through the appointment labyrinth? I left a message and moved on to my next phone call - Northwestern Hospital, for an appt. with the surgeons to get their opinion on my case.

Now, back to my opening statement that "something beautiful has happened in the past 48 hours"...(I know, I know, it takes me a while to make a point):

They called back. The SAME day. Before Noon, in fact.

Terry from Dr. Fong's office said the magic words "You're approved and fax over every surgical, chemo, blood and pathology report since your diagnosis. Then we'll schedule the appt."

Linda from Dr. Beltram's office at Northwestern called to schedule surgery consultation for next week.

The cherry on the cake is that instead of having to go through the Loyola records department to get copies of all my records, my call to the Cancer Center found me connected to Nurse Jimenez, who printed everything for me and left it with the Security Guard for me to pick up last night. What an Angel! That saved me time folks, the Records Dept. is a black hole and I told Nurse Jimenez I just didn't have the leisure of time to wait on those records. She is getting some thank you treats delivered by me today!

So, the past 48 hours was a blessing of things coming together; things falling into place without so much angst and energy and worry that it won't all work out the way you want it to and NEED it to.

It may seem small, but phone calls answered in an unusually timely manner, a kind Nurse that did me a huge favor, the family friend that reached out to connect me to a highly reputable surgeon.....I so appreciate getting a 2-day feeling of peace and satisfaction amidst the constant highs and lows of cancer.

So, don't take it for granted if you have a run of things "falling into place"...there's usually someone else involved helping you along.




  1. Hi Peg,

    After I posted my comment yesterday, I prayed all day for you to have strength and guidance as you pursue the best treatment. I'm so happy for you - getting some answers, appointments and the nurse/angel who got your records together. I will be thinking of you in this next step - prayers, prayers,, brig

  2. Peggy, this is truly wonderful news! I pray for you each night in hopes something magical will happen. Yay for you! The prayers continue.

    Rebecca V.

  3. Peg,

    The hand of God is on your shoulder guiding you..feel it?



  4. Thank you Jesus!! Peggy I am thrilled to hear the good news! I am continuing to hold you im my thoughts and prayers! And I hope you continue to expect good things to happen and I believe they will!

    Love you!


  5. Peggy -

    Your love of words - and the need to explain to all of us - certainly is great therapy. Things are looking up! God is on your side. You must be one of the strongest people I know. Keep it up!

    Gail B.

  6. Peggy, I read this article ( and thought of you so I logged onto your blog to send you the link. Imagine my delight when I read your latest posting! Continue to have faith and we will continue to send our prayers heavenward. Love, Sarah and Sean

  7. Peg-I am so happy that you getting the direction and opportunity you have needed to get your case to the top. I know (as does the world) that Loyola and Northwestern are great hospitals. But Sloan Kettering is definitely cutting edge with the latest/greatest technology,info etc. God is guiding this train and we must continue to fuel it with our prayers.)OK-a little hokey but you know what I mean! I continue to pray for ALL the angels in your life (like Ms. Jiminez) who continue to light your way.
    Love, Pam