Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Seriously, has cancer made me TOTALLY stupid?

Don't answer that.

I get a call from the Chemo Hospital yesterday-
"Peggy, this is Nurse Linda, you missed your infusion appt. today and you never miss appointments."

Me: "I'm no longer on the every week chemo, so that appointment should have been deleted."

Today Becky, my oncologists Nurse calls me and tells me I missed the appt. I relayed to her that I AM positive Dr. Lo and I discussed that I was only getting an every other week chemo infusion. did she change her mind or mix me up with another patient?

So, I basically am back at the frickin' freakin' hospital every week for chemo. I was enjoying the idea of every other week, and to hanging onto my new-found energy.

I'll never know for sure if, once again, there was a communication breakdown and I "misunderstood" Dr. Lo or if I dreamt the whole conversation and made up my own schedule. It pisses me off. Because I am not clear with her, I ask and confirm her answers ALWAYS and I KNOW she said every other week, to which I replied, Yippee, or yea, or something to that effect.



  1. Keep a small notebook and pen in your purse. Take notes. It could be Chemo brain.

  2. Or how about a small digital recorder and then you can play back the appointment conversations for their listening pleasure? I cannot imagine your frustration, anger and discouragement over the news and just when you’re feeling like your old self again, the prospect of weekly chemo has to be disheartening. Right now, as I read your blog I’m feeling your pain and even though I know I should tell you to stay strong, remain determined and focused on your healing process, somehow I just can’t. I can’t because I’m not sure I could.

    And still I want you very badly… to do all those things and more because I love you and so please find the strength and keep fighting! You have so many gifts and one special gift you have is your sense of humor. Don’t lose it, keep it close to you and draw strength from your uncanny talent to look at life “a little left of center”.

    Hey, I just noticed, it’s midnight and the New Year has just arrived and 2009 is finally our past, it’s a wonderful feeling! 2010 offers all of us new hope for our dreams, new possibilities and breakthroughs and new love and friendships too. I pray 2010 is your year for all good things, renewed strength of spirit and body. And I wish for you joy, laughter, peace and prosperity but especially that 2010 is you year of miracles. I believe in the power of prayer and I’m going to keep praying until we get our answer!!

    Peggy as I reflect on 2009 I have to say, you are one of the things I am most thankful for, you and your friendship are such a blessing to me. I can’t wait to plan another get together soon, it will be something fun for me to look forward to and one of my New Year resolutions is to increase the “fun factor” in my life.

    I love you Peg and I’ve got you in my heart and in my prayers!


  3. Mary, you are incredible! XOXOXOX Peggy

  4. Uh, how 'bout they hand you an appointment card . . .

  5. How about telling them to pull their heads out of their asses. Somehow Peg I don't think it was an error on your part. There has been much miscommunication with Dr. Lo it seems and it can't always be you who heard wrong. I agree with all of the suggestions above or maybe just ask for another chemo doctor. Hugs to ya woman!

    Love ya!