Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sloan Kettering Date Set and an update on Communication Hell

Consultation with Dr. Fong at Sloan Kettering booked for January 11th.

Spoke with my surgeon, Dr. Shoup - Loyola, to let her know of my trip to see the Surgeon that trained HER. She'll call him and discuss my case and his findings as well.

I also got clarification from her regarding the "Am I a candidate for surgery to remove liver tumors or not". It was my understanding that, per the last Loyola team meeting, I was NOT a candidate. I came to that conclusion based on the fact that it wasn't presented to me as an option, only TheraShperes. Dr. Shoup explained that Theraspheres was presented as an optional treatment because it wouldn't "harm" the liver should surgery be done down the road.

Dr. Shoup also stated that I "could" have surgery but it is a matter of "should" I have surgery.
I'm not entirely clear on the reasons why I should not have surgery but here are some:
  • my tumors are on all lobes of liver, if all were cut out, not enough liver left to survive
  • if only one side of liver operated on, that leaves other tumors, meaning not "cured"
  • the liver surgery could end up compromising my ability to receive chemo and can also effect kidneys

I hope to get more understanding on the risks/benefits (although that is ALWAYS unclear) from my meeting with Dr Bertram at Northwestern today, and from Dr. Fong.

I saw Dr. Lo, my oncologist, yesterday at chemo and brought her up to date on my other consultations. I told her my continued frustrations with communication, and that as a patient, I may hear "the bad" news and not the good, or that if a limited amount of information is told to me, I will interpret and assume a host of other things. So I asked her to make sure she gives me more and clearer reasons for any team opinions and options presented to me so I can better process it and make decisions. I explained to her that I'm trying to get at much info and understanding as I can while my energy level and brain function are Good right now - while my chemo regimen is lighter, I may very well fall back into fatigue and Chemo Brain and don't want to be in a further position of weakness when making decisions on my care. I think she "got" it.

So my Angel Prayer Warriors, finish your shopping and gift wrapping and enjoy the time with your family and friends this week. As always, I thank you from the depths of my heart for all your support, prayers and good vibes.

((HUGS)) Peggy


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Lee and the girls:) I love you Peggers!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family Peggy. I hope these holidays brings you an abundance of peace and happiness. Love Linda Biedron

  3. Love you, Peg. Christmas Hugs to all from Oshkosh. Hope to see you, Lee and the girls early in the New Year!! We need to make it work somehow!

  4. Peggy-

    Merriest of Christmases to you and your family! I hope you experience the joys and blessings of the season and have a 2010 that is filled with excellent health and lots of happiness. Prayers are always being sent up for you and the doctors caring for you.

    Rebecca V.

  5. Peggy, sending love, hugs, prayers for wisdom and health for 2010 for you, Lee, Colleen, Micaela and all the Dean and Luckey clans. May the Lord continue blessing you with His grace! Have a Merry Christmas - enjoy and may the Lord be with you. Love, Kirsten

  6. Your Merry Christmas will be the meeting with Dr. Fong. I can feel it in my old bones. To gain your health for 2010 and be able to join our "Survivor Group" at my lake house this summer is my biggest Christmas wish! We all want to go for a weekend and just chill out and have some fun! You will be there with us kiddo!!

    Love to you, Lee and the girls at this happy and nerve wracking time.


  7. Peggy, Happiest of holidays to you and yours. We are still praying for you and all who care for you, ie: nurses, docs, family and friends. When we say our nighttime prayers with the kids...Olivia always says..."and pray for Mrs. Deans' daughter." We do and will continue! Laura (Cargill) Thompson and family.