Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Answered Prayer

Last week, after my Saturday trip to the ER, I prayed that I can string together more than 2 "good days". I thought if I can get past the roadblock of feeling good for only 2 days in a row, then I can gain some momentum on getting the physical and mental strength I need to handle chemo every week.

Well guess what? Prayer Answered!!! I've had FOUR good days in a row, and today would make FIVE. How stinkin' lucky am I that I received immediate answer!!

Other Milestones:
I ate TWO helpings of delish Chicken Tetrazzini yesterday. Delish to my off-kilter taste buds and calorie-heavy to add much needed meat to my bones. The yummy food was made by Margaret Nettleton.

I ate TWO pieces of rye toast for breakfast this morning.

Lee took me for a walk last night. I made it from our house to the end of the block and back! Woo-Hoo! I so look forward to getting out on my own and taking longer walks. Getting cabin fever.

Lee's Mom and Dad are coming in from California this Thursday. His sister Desi will come in from Stoughton, WI. They will attend York High School's "Wizard of Oz" production. Colleen is one of 3 Crows, that will sing a number that segues into the Scarecrow scene we all know from the movie. She's also in various songs as the people in OZ/Emerald City. I'm bummed I can't attend, but crowded places/germ-filled venues aren't on my list of OKs.

The Luckey's will also get to see one of Michaela's softball games. The season thus far has been one rain-out after another, and it looks like more rain this weekend. But hopefully she can show Grandma and Papa Luckey her awesome fielding!

Round 3 of chemo tomorrow. Katie ordered the baked goods for me to bring to the Chemo Clerks in my campaign to reverse my "trouble maker" label.

My prayer for tomorrow: handle the chemo and to have minimum side affects so I can continue to have "good days".



  1. Hi Peg,

    So happy to hear that you are on a 5 day roll. That is awesome. Eric ran into Lee at baseball pictures and he said the same. We just keep praying for you and I am hoping that Gail will call me when she needs me to start cookin! I loved the "beach date night." You are right - you have some incredible friends and of course, I know Lee is a gem of a man. Stay strong and thankful -thats nourishment for your mind, body and soul. All of us need to do that more than ever, right? Please, please, please - I am available anytime you need errands, cooking, company, driving - whatever - just have someone call me and let me know. Hugs, Brigette

  2. Julie Cargill LoverherMay 4, 2009 at 12:07 AM

    Keep up the hard work!
    We are all behind you.
    More good day's to come,

    Remember if anything is needed call me.
    But for now I will pray for your good health!