Monday, April 6, 2009

Thought I'd give you all a re-cap of the week after my surgery, with a Peggy-spin:
Monday: Appointment with the poo-bag nurses (ilesotomy bag if you must know the formal term). I'm pretty lethargic and out if it, pain in my ribs continues. The nurses tell me I look like crud and should go to the ER. Ya-Hoo. I was dehydrated, sucked down 2 IV bags; I was in the ER for 8 hours, yes 8, and had an ultrasound done on some organs and a chest X-ray to make sure my lungs weren't filling up. I did mention to Attending surgeons, once they graced me with their presence, that my incision was very swollen. They said it was normal.
Tuesday: The surgeon's office called, noticed I was in ER and wanted me back in just to get hydrated - "come to the day hospital so you don't have to wait in the ER". Mom took me, and we waited 2 hours to get in - my appointment was at 12pm. During the wait, I had the unfortunate and mortifying Ileostomy Leak- the equivalent of a pregnant woman's water breaking in public! At least I was at the hospital, they gave me someXXL scrub pants and I went commando for the rest of my visit!
Wednesday: Nice and Dull
Thursday: After my shower, I notice blood on the floor..What the Heck? Visiting Nurse arrives and determines my incision is infected. It needs to get looked at and cleaned out. Just as we were about to go to the ER yet again, my Primary Doctor calls and comes to the house. We go to the office, which is just a few blocks away, and Dr. John basically drains the infectious ick, gives me 2 shots in a VERY sensitive area, and packs the wound. I now have a nurse come every day to change the dressing. Looks to be clearing up nicely.
So, I didn't exactly get a chance to "rest" my first week post-op, but I guess the wee k showed me that there will definitely be ups and downs and blips along the way.
One thing I must express: The kindness, support, love, cards, flowers, food and most of all - Prayers - have been overwhelming. It is humbling to know how far-reaching your love and support is. I feel so blessed, beyond blessed, to have this support system. It's almost like all of you are this big cloud, lifting me up and gently caressing me so that I can go about the business of healing, and just getting ready for the next steps in this journey. I'm really in a physical stage right now - trying to get strong, move, rest etc..very basic stuff.. As I go through the journey of Chemo and healing, there will be more physical challenges, but I really am just going day by day for the moment. Spiritually, you all have me covered, and for that I am so very greatful.
Love You All,


  1. Peggy I dont pray much but you have been in my heart and mind. Love Al

  2. Peggy--

    Bobbie shared with me what's been going on. I KNOW you will make it through these trials and tribulations for, if nothing else, your sense of humor and spirit will keep you thinking ahead. My father had an ileostomy (poo bag) for over 30 YEARS. Cancer can suck the will out of people, but it can also be fought when the right person takes it on as a challenge and fights like the wind to win. I KNOW you will fight, and you will win.

    Thinking about you--shoot me a note when you can.

    Michael Shmarak
    Sidney Maxwell Public Relations

  3. Hi Peg,

    We have been thinking about you, praying for you and looking forward to bring some of my "home cookin" over to your house. Still love your sense of humor! Love, Brig

  4. Luck Luck...glad to see that sense of humor has not vacated your personality. I have learned that can be of great strength when going through a difficult time. Lord knows I miss you here at work...these guys are driving me Fight the fight woman and get yourself back here. I love you and, as always, my prayers are with you. Hugs and kisses to Lee and the girls. Love April

  5. Hi Peg its Katie's and your friend Sue I'm thinking and praying for you everyday. Keep your spirits up, with your great sense of humor that will keep you positive. I know you will fight hard and beat this. when your feeling better would love to see you

  6. Peggy, You are absolutely amazing. I am convinced that your positive attitude and humor acts as a greal healer. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. You go girl!!!!
    Marilyn Lissner

  7. Hi Peggy, Nels & I love you. Anything you guys
    need, we're right next door.



  8. Keep fighting the good fight Peggy. Your comedic script is hi-la-rious, and I hope your spirits continue high as you beat this beast. I'm a believer of the positive spirit outshining everything. And even though bad things happen to good people; good people still have the tenacity to fight harder than everyone else. I'll be praying for ya and hoping to read more as you recover.