Friday, April 17, 2009

Peg's Cancer Comedy- Seriously, it can only happen to me

April 15th- Tax Day, we've never filed an extension before..I had Lee figure that out, do Colleen's 1040-EZ form, which she couldn't sign until 9pm that night, then my father drove out the forms to Carol Stream Post Office that was open for all the last-minutes losers !

So this was the first day of chemo 3pm appt at Loyola, my home away from home. Highlight of the drive in the Eisenhower is that nasty foul landfill in Hillside. Seriously, that town just needs to go away.

Lee pulls up to the valet at the Cancer Center, I stick my leg out and Holy Mortification - my ostomy bag sprung a leak! So Lee hoists my poopy-ass out of the car, looks for a wheel chair - there were NO wheelchairs...15 minutes later, he retrieves my smelly-gross body from the cold stell bench in front of the Cancer Center and wheels me to Chemo.

Now, picture this: I'm out of my mind with pain, slumping in the wheelchair, sticky and gross and Lee notifies the clerk I'm here for chemo, and we had an accident. "is there anywhere she can lay down, Peg can't sit up straight anymore and we need to change her bag". The Postal Worker Drone clerks, look up and simply state " Have a seat we'll call you when we have room for her".

OK, if you took one look at me, you'd be thanking your lucky stars you weren't me at that moment. God Bless my husband, Lee has had to do the nastiest things in the name of "In sickness and In Health" ever since this started! He cleaned me up and about 1/2 hour later I got a bed to start the 5 hour Chemo.

Thursday, was a GREAT day. I felt good for a change, not so lethargic, I was lucid all day. Holly my sister in law came over and helped me purge my Working Woman 30 pair of black pants. I tried a pair on - size 8 my normal, and it was huge. Holly, my gorgeous tall beautiful,sinewy girl even got a couple pair of hot Long & Lean Gap jeans out of the purge!

Katie,my rock,my absolute Angel on Earth, spent half the day with me, getting me my current fav chicken noodle soup from the Prairie Cafe in Elmhurst. She got me on the swish and spit routine to keep mouth sores at bay. God I love her so much. And you can tell what a blessing she is to others as HER friends minister to me with prayers, and food (Deana and Lisa M and Fran you ROCK the kitchen) and gifts etc.

My Mom & Dad: There are NO adequate words to fully describe my unending love and appreciation for the constant care and support this month. You are without fail the most heroic, strong people in my life. I am so lucky you're mine.

So, enough for now, I need to monitor myself all day then get my chemo unhooked, then go back next week and start all over again.

Again, Love to ALL fo you for your unending gifts of prayer and support and time.


  1. glad to hear YOU speak! You had me laughing and crying. You continue to stay strong, EAT, DRINK and dont give up!!! Continue to pray, grow close to God for comfort and all your angels will stay close to watch over you...xoxo Deana

  2. Julie Cargill LoverherApril 17, 2009 at 10:28 PM

    Hi Peggy!
    I am so happy you had a great day thursday. Hopefully more of those good and great day's will be on the way.

    I am sending you good vibe's and most importantly prayer's.

    I think of you so often.
    Keep up the hard work!!!!

    Julie Cargill Loverher

  3. Hi Peg,

    We just keep praying and thinking of you! You keep amazing me with your strength and humor. So glad that you have such a great network around you - your family, friends and Lee! Please give our best to him and know that he is in our prayers, too. I'm still standing by - if you need anything. Keep up the good fight!

    Hugs, Brigette

  4. Peggy! You are a nut -- i love you and it is so great to remember your great sense of humor! We are all rooting for you! Look forward to seeing you soon.


    Karen Felix

  5. Peggy! So good to "hear" you and see you still have a your sense or humor. I know this is tough -- hang in there and please know you, Lee and girls are in our thoughts and prayers.

  6. Hi Peg

    We pray for your recovery every day. You are a strong girl and will overcome this.
    Your loving family and friends will give you all the help you need on the road to recovery.
    We will help you any way we can.

    Our Love
    Pat & Don LaPato
    Marco Island, Florida.

  7. Hi Peggy,
    We don’t know each other, I’m a friend of your sister Katie and so I feel as though I know you. I’m posting this note to let you know I’m thinking of you up here in Janesville Wisconsin and you’re in my prayers. After reading your words in this blog I feel as though I am getting a real sense of who you are. And I have to tell you… the way you’re getting through this experience with such grace and humor; well…you are an inspiration. The human spirit, I am without fail amazed by its strength and will.

    Stay strong and when you feel alone remember there are people out there, maybe people (like me) whom you never have met who are praying for you and lifting you up. Katie mentioned you were looking for a mix of inspirational and healing songs, recently someone sent this video to me and I just loved it and I hope you too will too. We’re all standing by you…

    Sent with love and friendship,
    Mary Kuehne

  8. Hi Peggy,

    Stay strong.... with your friends and awesome family by your side you can overcome all these downs and ride the ups high and strong... You are continuously in my thoughts and prayers... Me and Gabby send kisses and hugs your way..
    Love Lisa Phelps