Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday April 25 - Where Do I Begin?

OK, so the Wednesday round of Chemo, I'll tell the story "Yay/Boo" Style - A story-telling style my Dad, Donald Dean, used when we were kids.

Arrived for Chemo and there were NO wheelchairs - Boo

But I was able to walk the walk straight thru the building - Yay

Just as we were about to check in with Flotsam and Jetsam(the mean clerks from earlier post) I blurt an unpublishable comment about the 2 dollies.
We start to check in and the one clerk (Julie)looks up "Mrs Luckey, right" I asked "How did you know, I've never been upright the last 6 times I've been here?" To which Dollie Number 2 (Mary) replies " Oh, We always remember the trouble makers!" Boo

I laughed so hard and told Lee, Man, oh man, the Big guy TOTALLY put me in my place for my little name-calling, even though it was to Lee, not in front of the girls.

So I know must humbly eat crow, and bring baked goods to the nurses to establish a positive relationship with the chemo Crew at Loyola. Said desserts are ordered and will be delivered by my local baker - Kathy Best of Tea Rose Pastries - Elmhurst, IL.

So after 6 hours, got home, out of my mind. One of the side effects from the particular drug I got is flu-like symptoms. I was under 7 blankets at Chemo, cold from the inside - out. Then basically Thursday felt like some one beat me with a baseball bat. So, all in all, not bad. YAY!!!!!

Friday, April 24th-Fantastic, magical, Most Excellent Day! Lee cleaned up the house and got the deck ready with the furniture (great weather in Chicago that day) in anticipation of 4 of my grade school/high school friends coming to visit. Lee worked so hard all day long, he's so stinking tired, and he did it all for me. Love that man-o-mine.

Had a great time cackling with the girls, lots of catching up, too much for a couple of hours, but so incredibly energizing and draining at the same time! I had to tell them to go, i was breathless from laughing and talking.

Then, Perfect Day Part 2: My mental/visualization "Happy Place" is Cayucos, California, a little beach town on the Central Coast where Lee's sister - Jana and her family spend lots of time at her in-law's Beach home. We've been lucky to go several times.

So, Michaela mentions to my neighbor Gail, Mom's Happy Place is Cayucos and all of a sudden, she and Lee are plotting a date night on the deck for me. After my girlfriends left, Gail and her daughter do an HGTV on our deck complete with sand, seashells, ocean-themed candle holders etc....Colleen made a music mix on her ipod and we had that streaming..the weather held out, and Lee & I just hung out, talked, cried etc....

So once again, I had this 24-hour love fest bestowed on me by friends and family, absolutely magical.

I'l say it again: I am overwhelmed on a daily basis on each and every act of kindness, errand, food, gift, help with the kids etc. to tell you the truth, I'm crying so much every day in appreciation for everthing, it's draining me! Does that make any sense at all?

I feel like God is pummeling me with lessons everyday. Like a crash course and constant revelation and "Ah-Hah" moment. Not sure if I'm explaining my self very well on this particular subject, but I'll get my head wrapped around it and figure out how to better articulate.

Have a great week. My next round of "Shrinky Juice" is this Wednesday, early am. wish me luck!!!!!

XOXO Peggy


  1. I'm addicted to your blog. I'm so worried about you everytime I walk in or out of my house that I'm actually praying---Im not much of a religious person and not sure if the big guy listens to me but it can't hurt, right! So your blog makes me laugh and cry. Your spirit is inspiring and gives me and I'm sure all who love you a big dose of perspective. So remember while people are giving to you---you are still giving back. And holy cow that man Lee is such a stud!! Hang tough sister and I told Lee to sign me up for one of those long chemo days when you both feel comfortable with it! Love you!!! Mia

  2. So glad to hear your date was a great one and your happy place was able to come to life in Elmhurst! Your right about how God giving you lessons every day, He always has, your eyes are just wide open now to hear Him - definetly a prayer answered! xoox Deana