Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ponderings from Peggy - Wed

Getting juiced again today. the tumor in my colon was tested for some mutation or another, i don't have the mutation, so there is some additional cocktail they need to give me today. 6 hour infusion...hoping i'm coherent..last week was a doozy!
Poor Lee, there is NO comfortable chair or anything for family/friends in the Loyola setup. The waiting room is bright any sunny, but stiff nasty chairs, and no place for people to plug in laptops etc while they do the waiting game for loved ones.

Praire Cafe Soup- the chicken noodle soup is still my nutitional lifeline. I'm like an addict if i know i'm running out..which I am, and which kate is taking care of for me today. I had my mom get 2 cartons of it the other day and she took one home because she thought I had too much and I wouldn't get thru it.!

Showers: It hit me yesterday that it'll be a looong time until i can take a "normal" shower. Lee wraps me in Saran Wrap(so anti-fantasy) to cover the Ostomy bag so it doesn't get too soaked.

Mushy-Love stuff and shout-outs: You all know me as pretty open emotionally, not embarassed to cry ans how emotion. Lately, I feel like the leaky faucet in my bathroom- lots of tears. But I have to say, most of the tears are rooted in the overwhelming and astounding gratitude I feel every day to all of you that keep on giving and praying and ministering to me and my family.
Seriously, at this very moment, I there seems to be no bottom , no end in sight to the constant love and giving and all I am receiving. It's almost embarassing that I have so much, it is without a doubt HUMBLING to the core of my soul.

I tell Lee, "Look at what we are being taught! How to love and give in a situation like this. Now we know." I can't WAIT to get stronger and better so I can take the lessons I am learning and shine my light on others and it is being shone on me!

Time to change the bag, put on my hot pair of stretch pants and shuffle to the Hospital!

Love Love Love!!!!! Peg


  1. Glad to hear your managing my dear! Tell Lee to bring himself a donut to sit on:) I am thrilled that you are eating, this is a plus Peggers! Let me know when my next shift is as I already miss you:). Hugs and kisses to Lee and the girls!

    I love ya girl!!!

    Love, April

  2. What kick in the pants you gave me this morning...I woke up feeling very sorry for myself. You know just regular life stuff but it can knock the wind out of a person if we're not careful. So I got my coffee, sat down and read your blog, you spoke mostly of what you're receiving through this experience. Well, after reading, I started to list things I have in my life and you're right, it is overwhelming (in a wonderful way).

    Peg, you really helped me today when I was at a low point and so please know... as much as you're receiving, you're giving too.

    Keep your chin up, stay strong and keep the chicken soup flowing! I'm thinking of you...


  3. Dear Peggy,

    I talked to Katie the other day, which when I answered the phone and saw her name I said to her omg I'm having a heart attack Katie Dean actually called me back, after months of leaving messages to her.I always drop lines to her from time to time and of course never reach her, just the answering machine. I could not believe when she told me you were so sick. I just could'nt believe what she was telling me.I always said you all were such a strong family and so close to each other and seeing this is truly unbelievable. Katie sent me all these blogs she had written and it takes my breath away. I was sharing with Katie all the good things that are going on in my life, for a change, lol. Katie was asking how my baby grandson was, I laughed to her and said the baby Joseph is 3 and he now has a baby brother that is 2 weeks old, so shannon my olsest daughter is doing well in her life and is blessed with a good man and 2 beuatiful children. I love those grandbabys. I know Peggy that you are a very strong person and your whole family are strong people, you will get thru this with the act of god and your fabulous husband and sister and mom and dad. Wow!! you all are amazing. It's really something to see what your going threw just makes me wake up and appriciate all I have and not to complain or sweat about the small things in life. I would love to come and see you, and I will talk to Katie about that. My computer is broke now, so I'm at the library so I could read all the blogs to learn about all your going thru and to write you. Just remember as tough as it gets you will get thru this. You will be in my prayers everyday and I will try to get to see you real soon. You take care.

    Love Linda Balfe Zabadal

  4. Peggy,
    My mom has been keeping me updated, but I thought I would reach out and offer you my prayers, my family's prayers, and the prayers of my class (who don't know you, but pray for you because I asked them to). The prayers of children are especially powerful. You are very blessed to have such a wonderful family, and I am glad you are trying to focus on whatever "good" can come out of situations like this.
    Mary Beth Mersch