Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I've been pretty p.o.'d this week about the whole food thing. Don't I have enough challenges with this damn cancer?

So, in an effort to "accept" the fact that food is no longer a pleasure, it is a means to an end, I am starting to experiment with food I can tolerate and swallow. I basically need slippery food to help get down.

This morning I ate some couscous in chicken broth. Not very filling, I'm still hungry. Panera's chicken wild rice soup works as long as it's not too thick, I'll stock up Today.

I went to the Smoothie Factory yesterday and got a vanilla shake with Protein Powder. I may get that again today after I drop off Michaela at Baseball camp.

Katie made me some italian Green broth- her friend Lisa made that for me in the first weeks after my surgery. I'll try that as well.

On the Vanity Front: I started an antibiotic for my rash I get from the Erbitux and it's working great. That hot red rash on my chest is very subdued and my face is clearing up as well. At least I don't look as scary and the pain is gone too!

Tomorrow is the Full Chemo Cocktail. It's supposed to be like 95 degrees, but I'll be all wrapped up in blankies in the mauve vinyl chair in the Chemo Circle. Julie Dillon will be my Chemo buddy for the day.

I need to get some structure in my days. I've been super tired and lethargic, which doesn't help me get stronger. I think the lack of good food is also making me weak. I really need to figure this out so I don't lose momentum. When you're so used to working a job most of your life, it's very unsettling when the routine is gone. I'm in limbo and need to climb out.

Busy end of the week planned: Going to Penny's house for our monthly High School Girls gab fest. Saturday Gail, Gina and I are taking Susan out for a pre-surgery (breast cancer) love fest and Sunday, will see April and Kelly, my work Buds! Whew, I'm tired already!

As Always, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your continued prayers and support, a HUGE factor in my Progress and Healing.


  1. OK Peggers, I'm a moron, I forgot to mention that Schrempie is coming with us:) I think I hurt her feelings and for that I am sorry. This getting old crap is for the birds...see ya on Sunday!:)

  2. I'm happy to hear you're experiencing some rash relief with the antibiotic - now on to the nutrition. I think about you every day - and continue to pray for your healing and complete recovery. Ya know I love ya. xoxo ~ Lori