Monday, June 15, 2009

CT Scan

Tuesday I'm going for my first CT scan since surgery. I have to do the barrium contrast drink- OH JOY! But I'm sure it won't be as nasty as the colonoscopy prep!

My Prayer for Tomorrow: That the CT scan shows significant improvement/shrinkage of my liver tumors and NO new growth in my body.

I also pray for relief of my mouth sores and tongue. It keeps me from eating enough food I so baadly need to keep my weight up.

I better take a "happy pill" tonight so I can combat the anxiety.

Will update when results are in, and I KNOW it's going to be positive, I just know it. Keep those prayers and positive vibes flowing!!!




  1. Sending all the vibes and prayers I can muster, and then some - I've activated another prayer chain for you - more people than you know are praying for you - love you Peggy - xoxo Lori

  2. Our prayers and vibes continue to be sent 24/7! Looking forward to seeing you over the summer! Love, Pam and Tay