Thursday, June 25, 2009


My bloodwork for yesterday's summer outing to chemo shows another downward trend in the cancer marker- 19.0 down from 39 two weeks ago. Yippy Skippy Yay!!!! Also, scored a BED instead of a chair yesterday! YAY!!

So, what does that mean? Tumors shriking. My big unanswered question, and I have asked this of Dr. Lo: What markers, stats, counts, CT Scan reuslts are you looking for to make decisions on future treatments AND most importantly Surgery? I'm not sure why I haven't gotten a straight answer on this. Is it because it's too soon to tell? They need more months of chemo to determine how I'm doing? I really need some answers, unless they just don't want to tell me soenthing, then forget it, keep me in the dark.

Due to the past 2 weeks of mouth issues, I LOST 2 pounds. BOO. I have GOT to suck it up and re-gain those 2 pounds this week. I can't go below 100 pounds and I was at 102 yesteray, down from 106. This has got to stop. PLEASE lift prayers so I can fatten up.

Julie Dillon was my Chemo Buddy yesterday. She was awesome. Of course brought foods and force fed me until I fell asleep. Some good laughs and just a wonderful time to spend together.
My Army of Angels continue to amaze me with their gifts. I am so very very blessed!

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  1. Have you tried BOOST or Ensure? I have a co-worker who had breast cancer earlier this year and she said those saved her! Just a thought.