Sunday, June 7, 2009

I know, I know - Haven't Posted in a while.....

I was crabby this past week. Between the abscess on my tooth and my continued troubles with Stumpy and the Magic Poo-Pouch, I wasn't in the mood to post.

Add to that, my worst reaction to the Erbatux Chemo (the single- dose treatment I get every other week). The rash is really, really bad this week and stings and itches like a Mo-Fo. cold cloths feel OK momentarily, but not lasting. I think the Aquafor moisturizer, which is like Vaseline, is keeping the heat in. I'm at a loss for an effective anti-itch moisturizing product.
My angel sister-Katie went to the nursery and brought me an Aloe Plant this morning. I applied it and it "feels good" and doesn't sting. The drawback is it dries kind of tight and sticky, which adds to my increasingly dry, tight skin.

I was feeling sorry for myself this week, angry, sad, and trying not to go down a bad road with my thoughts. I know it's OK to wallow a bit, Hell, I have every right to feel every negative thing about my damn Cancer. But this week, Peggy needs to rally - BIG Time. Some possible avenues to help:

Wellness House Women's Group- It's time to reach out and join a support group of my peers- women with Cancer. I hope I don't just sit and cry, I hope to gain strength from the amazing women I know will be part of the group.

Walking in the Hood: I need to combat my fatigue and get some strength- I did a half-hour walk today instead of my 1-loop around the block usual. I did think at one point I was going to be found splayed out on the sidewalk about 5 blocks away from home, but I made it! Note To Self: Next time bring your cell phone, just in case.

Prayer: Focused, thoughtful prayer, not only for my healing, but for my family and other special intentions.

Mani/Pedi: Always a mood-booster!

Today's Gratitudes:

My family. I hate breaking down in front of my Parents. I was emotional this week and it is so hard to know how much my parents are aching for me. But we're learning how to fall apart, have a good rant & cry and then dry the tears and move on.

My Lee-Lee: Taking over all the planting- The usual division of garden labor is Lee is all prep and muscle (the hard, exhausting part) and I plant the gardens and numerous containers and hanging baskets with all the annuals.

Lee's done a great job and OF COURSE, wanted to bring a new (read $) element to the garden by adding MANY more Sheppard's hooks to the summer color line was up high, not in ground.
It's looking good, and if summer ever comes to Chicago, it will be a glorious visual feast by July!

My Colleen: You've been such a help to me. Thanks for being the weekly grocery shopper!
My Michaela: Thank you for being honest with your feelings about what's going on in your life right now.


XOXO Peggy


  1. Peggers nothing wrong with a good cry and every now and again, lord knows its warranted. One cannot always be on the top of their game. I'm thinking of providing a little comedic relief on Tuesday (June 16th)for lunch, what do you think?

    Hugs and kisses my friend,


  2. Peggy, sorry to hear about your skin - do you think that's what a facelift feels like?! pulled out pictures from MU - remember when I wore your black cropped pants to a concert and they were LONG pants on me?!! how about going to the Parthenon for gyros before that evening theo class smelling like lamb and garlic? I am thinking about you and laughing my head off at these pictures! I am sending you some of these to take to the chemo center with you. Wish I could provide some comic relief in person too! love you, kirsten

  3. B.W.O.O.G. my dear Peggy - (Blog Without Obligation Or Guilt) Bwoog. Be a Bwooger. Your entries are amazing, do you know what a gifted writer and storyteller you are? Bwoogers blog only when they're up to it - and those entries are always the best .... and most definitely bring your cell phone if you're out hiking - xoxo ♥ you! Lori