Wednesday, June 3, 2009

From Zen to Dental Problems- @$!##

So typical of me - I went to the Wellness House to try out a Guided Imagery workshop. A facilitator basically talks you through each part of your body, helping you to connect, limb-by-limb, organ-by-organ - to help ypu focus on the mind-body connection, it's healing powers etc. All new stuff for me. Skill to learn and use in stressful times: CT scans, bloodwork reports, etc...

It's also very focused on breathing- we all hold our breath and don't even realize it. Well, for some reason, the focusing on the breathing thing was STRESSING me out! I felt like I had shallow breaths and that it was a struggle, similar to my struggles for the first month after surgery. Was it Anxiety? Who knows, but I was the twitchiest, un-zen like person in the room.

After class, I had to go to the Dentist - I felt a mass on my upper gums - was it a chemo side effect or something else? It's a freakin' frackin' ABCESS. So here I am, having to stretch my mouth open - folks, my SKIN is soooo dry and cracked, it's like when you get sunbruned badly and it hurts to stretch your limbs - like the skin's gonna break open and pop off.

I hate having to get dental work - 2008 was the YEAR of dental work for me: 2 crowns and a Root Canal from HELL. Got a MASSIVE infection that blew my face up like a Good Year Blimp, but the worst part was the shear pain that kept me up for nights. Now that I think of it, Chemo is a breeze compared to that event.

Mom's here to take me to Chemo. Gotta pack and get ready for the shrinky juice.


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  1. Peggers, I know what you mean about the breathing thing. I get that way when someone takes my beer away from me:) Hope that made you smile. Love ya girl!!!