Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Results Are In...

CT scan findings: Numerous hepatic metastases scattered throughout both lobes of the liver, now containing spiculated calcification, and most showing interval decrease in size. Mass in Right lobe was 10 x 6.0 CM and is now 3.7 x 5.5 CM (Dr Miller thinks the 5.5 correlates to the 10) and Large Metastasis on left lobe of liver now measures 3.1 x 2.3 down from 6.4 x 6.9.

In other words, Yippee. The decreased size of the larger tumors correlates with the decrease in the CRE marker (1400 to 68 to 39).

It was a relief to have confiramtion that the tumors are shrinking. I am so thankful. And so thankful for all the prayers coming my way. I have a looong way to go folks, many more months of chemo.

The Chemo is taking its toll on my body: super dry skin, I swear I shed a complete Peggy every other day!

Mouth Sores- My mouth is completely scorched. I can't taste a thing. Soups and rices that I was tolerating now hurt to have in my mouth. It SUCKS that I can't taste anything, but for it to HURT on top of it just blows. Shakes, because they are cold, I can tolerate best. I really don't want to live on milkshakes.

Numbing my mouth with lydecaine is an option, but the numbing factor Burns too, so why bother.

I have to muster the courage and the strength to choke down caloric food, withstand the pain and live with the fact that there is absolutley NO pleasure in Food anymore. My sense of taste has been so off from the beginning, so when I found foods I could tolerate and enjoy, it was always so gratifying.

So, please pray that I can find that strength and do what I need to do to nourish myself- a key factor in my healing.




  1. More blessings give your way - fantastic news! With all the people in my life you have gone threw this journey you are taking, I can tell you one day you will enjoy food again and it will taste wonderful! Continue to pray for strength threw each step you take in your journey. God continue to watch over your child Peggy, protect her and give her strength. xoxo D

  2. Peg-sooooooo happy with the news! Prayers work. Now we have to send them up for healing those taste buds. It will happen. For now, there has to be something out there that will taste good and not painful. Thank God for the internet!
    Pam T.

  3. Peggy, What a relief to you and your family. The chemo is working! I have had that CT scan on my my mind ever since you posted. Now I will pray for your strength and endurance as you continue with treatment. My good friend is a nutritionist for WebMD - I will check with her for some ideas and forward to you. As always, hugs, Brigette and Family

  4. Peggy,
    So great to hear these results! We've been thinking about you all week. So, so happy!! We know you will stay strong and will continue to win this battle!
    All our love, Pat and Dale and the kids

  5. Peggers so glad to hear they are shrinking! I wish my waist would shrink right along with your tumors!!! :) Keep the strength girl and Kellbeller and I will see you on Sunday!!! :)

    Love Ya Bunches!