Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bribery Pays

I had the marathon Chemo session yesterday- blood work, Dr. Visit then the Dripping of the Shrinky Juice. I fell asleep in the waiting room b/w the Dr Visist and Chemo. I was sooo tired.
I jokingly said to the Check-In nurse - Julie - "Hey, if you can score me a bed instead of a chair today, I can get some much needed sleep"

well, wouldn't you know, when I was called, I was sent to Room 5- complete with Bed, TV and heat control! I slept probably 3 hours! Those bakery treats did the trick!

I was still bone-ass tired when I got home and fell asleep early, which of course ruins the full-night of sleep. I was wide awake at 2 am, then gave up, went to the couch and read until the birds started chirping.

Looking forward to seeing dear friends tomorrow night. They're making the trip to me, cause I don't last too long in the evening -that way I can crawl to bed and they can stay and visit with Lee.


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  1. blessings come in all shapes and sizes..beds, poppies and puppies - you are truly being watched over! xox enjoy the weekend - deana