Friday, July 3, 2009


Saw a dermatologist yesterday who loaded me up with 3 different ointments to attack the Fugly Rash. In just one day, the ugly scaly ick is retreating. YAY!

Dr. Vaitala also did a body check for suspicious moles and ended up biopsying a mole on my left breast and one on my lower back, above my hip. Hopefully, nothing to fret. I was a big old' Baby anticipating the shots to numb the area. I'm so used to and SICK of getting poked every week for Chemo, that more sticking and potential pain just pissed me off. Anyhoo, the needle and the biopsy didn't hurt at all, I kvetched for nothing. YAY!

I went to the Wellness House after the dermatologist. There is a Women's Support group that meets on Thursdays. It's an informal meeting of women with cancer. We just talk, give each other tips on eating, managing side effects, good hospitals vs bad ones, good Oncologists vs bad ones etc.. I've only been there twice thus far, but I can see it as a vital healing element to my journey: women are so good at bonding and talking and putting it out there, such a lifeline. It also energizes me to see these beautiful, mostly bald women talk with such strength and courage. I'm hoping to get stronger and bolder and drive there myself. My Mom had been taking me. I get tired mid-day, and don't trust myself doing a lot of driving yet.

My girls are going up to Stoughton, WI today to stay with Aunt Desi, Lee's sister. They really want to get out of town and get a break from Chemo Mom!
Sunday Lee needs to take me to Fry's Computer Warehouse to get a much-needed replacement PC for the family. Ours is about dead with viruses and other such nonsense.

Happy July 4th Weekend. As Always, my Gratitude to all of my Praying Angels, you have no idea how it heals me !


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