Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hmm, not sure how to feel about the news

Went in for myy Erbatux infusion today but also had a blood draw and visit with the Oncologist.

She told me her and the team, including st Shoup, my surgeon looked at my PET Scans and determined that surgery on my liver is NOT an option. The tumors are all over the liver, not concentrated in one area, which, if they tried to cut out the tumors, would leave me with no liver and I am not a candidate for a liver transplant.

So, needless to say, I am bummed that that is off the table. Dr. Lo said there are other options to reduce those tumors non-surgically- radiation and I guess some other targeted procedures. After the next scan, in a month, they will review and look at options.

Not sure if I consider this a setback or bad news because I don't yet know how the other "options" compare to surgery- success wise. It feels "bad" to me at the moment, but I need more information that will give me hope.


  1. Hey Peggers! I just read your blog and that blows. But when one door closes another one opens. Lets see what else they offer and start attacking those tumors one by one!!! Hang in there friend!

    Hugs and kisses!


  2. Hi Peg - This news is just a bump in the road - keep strong, keep fighting, have faith and with everything else do not forget to EAT!!!! xoxo Deana

  3. Hi Peg,
    It’s me and boy was I bummed when I read this note and so you’re not alone! I set myself on a mission to see for myself what other options there are for inoperable liver cancer. It seems there are a few viable options available. I wondered if you’ve heard about, TheraSphere ( ), a new treatment using radioactive glass beads? I know it sounds weird, but I’m thinking every leg of this journey has been weird so take heart! The above link has a little bit of info. on the treatment and also a link to live chat on the subject if you have an interest. You said you were looking for information which might give you hope and although I am no medical professional it gave me hope so I thought it was worth sharing.

    Stay strong my darling and remember its ok to feel bad but not for long. I thank God for your answers Peg and I know you’ll find them.

    Great big hugs!