Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yippee Skippy- I gained weight! Just Call Me Lard-Ass!

Went for IV fluid infusion today and went to get weighed and vitals taken. I have some nasty sores on my feet, so it hurts to walk (sores are side effects of chemo) so the Nurse had me sit in a chair-type scale. I was 99 lbs last week and this scale said 105 lbs.

"no way, I said to the nurse. Weigh me on the regular scale. 105 lbs. I grabbed the nurse and hugged her. "My family will be so happy I gained weight"

I think the social outings this weekend helped me to eat more than usual, and I was a bit more conscious of forcing myself to eat. So, even though food tastes - tasteless" and my mouth still hurts, I DID it. I just have to keep going!



  1. Wahayyyyy!!! keep up the good work xx

  2. Peggy - so happy to see you on Sunday - glad we took our time to eat lunch - so you maybe you ate more the longer we gabbed! and that lovely milkshake - make it a double next time you get one. keep it up - love ya - kirsten

  3. WOO HOO, you need more of those weekends! deana

  4. OMG this is fabulous news, 105 it's good number!! Keep it up girlfriend!

  5. Well well well my little lard ass! Glad to hear you put on some poundage! Keep on eating girl! Of course, I'm always willing to throw some of my lard ass your way, just let me know when:)



  6. ****Peggy, This is Carmela from your Women Connected from the Start Thursday group. I did the research and it is called Infusion Therapy, it is a form of hyperalimentation done at home usually at night. Please ****call me*** and I'll tell you more. Carmela 630-654-2259 I am going to the 10:30 class at the Wellness House, but other than that I will be home all day.*****