Thursday, July 9, 2009

Keep My Mind on the Prize

Cycle 7 of full chemo yesterday. Even though I go every week for chemo, they count the Cycles for the full cocktail of drugs I get every other week.

I was very week and fainty yesterday - any exertion made my heart race. Turns out I was a tad dehydrated (too much iced tea? doesn't caffine dehydrate?), so they gave me a bag a fluids before deciding if I can get chemo too. The fluid really helped perk me up and Lee said I looked better- a bit cadevery and gaunt was my morning look.

Bad news- I dropped more weight. That is BAD. I ate 2 corned beef sandwiches this week and thought that would help. Shit, I didn't have as many milkshakes and was eating a brothy soup for meals, so my calories dropped. I need to figure out how I'm going to get 2500 calories in me a day to gain weight. My Mom is on my ass, I better not piss off Babs!!!

Going to Wellness House for Support Group then lunch at Neiman Marcus for a French Dip sammy with cheese. I think I'll go to Williams Sonoma to see if they have any good jarred gravies - I van pour that slop on noodles to help slide down. Who'd think that Cancer is all about Food for me.

Speaking of cancer, my CRE, tumor marker, blood indicator went down again to 13.9, down from 19.9 a few weeks ago. YEAH!!!! Keep shrinking you bastards!

The Doctor mentioned that Radiation to my rectum may be a possibility. Treatment to be done before any surery to resect the liver. Women at the support group say radiation is easier to take than chemo. To me it seems it would be the opposite. But what do I know.

That's it for now- thanks for your continual support and love and prayers, I am in GOOD HANDS my angels!



  1. Well now...theres my fiesty Luck Luck! Thats what I like to hear! I suggest ya start drinking beer...lots of calories and easy going down:):):)

    Smoochies my friend,


  2. Hi Peggy,
    First of all congrats on your markers going down!! Fabulous news! What numbers do you ultimately want to see, zero? I want to hold that number in my heart and mind. All I keep seeing for you and thanking God for is remission.

    But you have to eat! I know all about eating, it’s one of my favorite things to do and I’ll share one of my favorites. Ok…if you like yummy alfredo sauce you can buy just the sauce at Olive Garden and pour it on pasta and chicken or dip bread in it or veggie’s or hell…just eat it with a spoon. But if you’re going to the Garden pick up the breadsticks too and pig out. I speak from experience that stuff puts on the weight. I’ve had folks over for shrimp fettuccini alfredo and my guests would rave about my fabulous sauce. What’s your secret they would ask? Well… now you know. And seriously I don’t know what the problem is, I could drink/eat chocolate malts all day long, they are my favorite treat! Stop with the broth already and bulk up sister! And stop worrying your poor mommy! Listen if nothing tastes good to your or nothing tastes just right you might just as well eat the stuff that’ll do you the most good.

    You’re in my heart, hugs and kisses…

  3. Peggy, it was great to meet you at Wellness House...we had a lot of laughs thanks to you! I think Marta thought we'd never get down to serious talk! You are an amazing woman and I know that you are a true warrior just like the rest of us there at WH! You made us all want to go to lunch at Needless markup for a sammy! Hope to see you again soon!