Monday, July 6, 2009

Rash Relief and CornBeef

Rash: My scabby eyelids and red angry rash has subsided considerably. In fact, it's the best my skin has looked in months. I no longer scare small children when out in public! I don't know if it's because I had a week off from Chemo OR the ointments the dermatologist prescribed. Perhaps a combo of both? Do I dare try and put makeup on or is that pushing it? For someone who loves wearing eye makeup, and who had a 6-month stint as a Lancome Beauty Advisor (ha!) it sure is different being sans make up 24/u7 for the last 4 months. Not that I wore it like Tammy Faye Baker, but I did like to feel "put together" as they say. Ah well, another vanity that must be put aside in the face of more important things like kicking cancer in the Ass!

Food - still a challenge to get the calories in to gain weight. BUT, I had Mom take me to the Prairie Cafe for my chicken noodle soup (not very calorie laden) and I also ate a Cornbeef sammy - almost the entire thing. I dunked it in the soup to make it soft and easy to swallow. My Mom- who is on my ass to eat - was very proud. I purposely called her to take me to lunch so she could witness!

Stumpy and the Magical Poo-Pouch: No embarrassing blow-outs like in the beginning of this cancer crap, but it is annoying to constantly be AWARE of the weight of a full bag hanging off your stomach and in your undies. Also, the new flanges I have - the disks that stick to my stomach and the bag is attached to - are SUPER adhesive. I had a hell of a time trying to take it off the other night. The 'No-sting" adhesive removers burned the ever-loving snot out of my skin. I swear, the disks have super glue on them - it took a half hour and hot rags to loosen the gluey hold on my stomach..OUCH!!!!

Gratitudes: I am grateful for my rash relief, the calories I was able to eat today and as always, my amazing huge loving circle of friends, family and strangers who continue to heal me through prayer, support and service. My neighbor Susan can use a couple prayers for her healing: she had a double mastectomy last week and is now home recuperating. She looks great, they caught the breast cancer early and may even be able to avoid chemo. I hope I can be of service to her during her journey.

XOXO Peggy


  1. I'm glad you are finding relief, anything that can help combat the awful chemo junk is great. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My aunt nearly died from chemo, and she is still recovering after three weeks in the hospital. No more chemo for her, ever.

  2. Peg-you have been continually in our prayers to keep "kicking this cancer in the ass!!!" What an amazing job you are doing. I read your blog and can't "help but feel helpless." I am so glad you are finding relief from the whole rash thing. My friend went thru pretty hard core chemo with breast cancer and never lost her hair either. It did "thin" but never went patchy. Maybe wait before you shave it off! You are gorgeous with it or without it! By the way-you have to try the chicken noodle soup from The Standard. It's delish. I swear there is a little Jewish Momma in that kitchen making it!
    With love and prayers,
    Pam T.