Friday, July 24, 2009

My Converstaion with God today

I don't want this post to bum anybody out, but it's on my mind so I thought I'd share.

I had a good run of errands today with mom, then took a walk, now that I'm feeling better. Getting dehydrated is more debilitating than I think.

Anyway, on my walk, I had some prayerful talk with God.

"Dear God, I WILL not die from this cancer. No freakin way. I need 20 years, 20 years to see my baby girls on their paths, paths I hope me, Lee and of course YOU, will guide them .

I will not be one of those 5-year survival stats. I DO not want to be a sad story at the end of it all. I need to live, to thrive and figure out YOUR purpose for me though all this. Please give me the time to do it, I will do you proud, just show me the way.

YOU NEED ME to be your soldier, to minister in whatever way you want me to. I ask for this, and it may be selfish, but I promise not to disappoint."



  1. Peggy--

    I NEED to hook you up with a good acquaintance of mine. Jonny Immerman runs Immerman's Angels, a group who connects cancer fighters with survivors. You and Jonny would hook INSTANTLY. Let me know and I will make it happen. Please keep me posted on how you are doing. You go girl!

    Michael Shmarak
    Sidney Maxwell Public Relations (from the NAR days)

  2. Definitely- my phone # 630-832-5837

    thanks XOXOXOX

  3. The "c" word has no idea how stubborn and what a fighter you are - and I know and God knows that's true - kick some cancer ass my dear sweet Peg - I'll be flying to Chicago from Vermont for another pilgrimage to Holy Name Cathedral in your honor (remember the first time you took me there?) See you in three weeks girlie! Hang tough - love you!! xoxo ~ Lori

  4. Good for you. I'm sure God is listening to you. I pray that your prayers come true! Blessings,

  5. Peggers, nothing like having a little chat with the big guy! I continue to have my chats with him for you as well. I love ya and am thinking of ya all the time:)



  6. You are an inspiration to all of us battling this disease. Keep fighting the good fight! God bless.