Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Erbatux Sux- Ugly Stick

So this is what a Chemo Rash looks like. Red, raised, angry, itchy, hot, ugly.

I went for my erbatux Chemo today and also saw Dr. Lo, to see if she can recommend anything about this rash. She gave me the day off of Chemo today, since this cycle was for erbatux, the cause of the rash. I'm going to a dermatologist early tomorrow morning, hoping they have experience with chemo rashes and some relief!

I KNOW I'm going to be one ugly chemo girl for a long time- that's the price you pay in side effects. I am on the road to accepting that - Hell, as long as Chemo SHRINKS the tumors and keeps any other evil from spreading, I can do it.

So, even though the rash is a BOO, a break from weekly chemo is definitley a YAY!!!

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  1. Oh hell woman, you look better than me after a night of drinking:)

    Love ya!