Saturday, July 11, 2009

An Unexpected Gift Coming My Way

My godparent's son, Michael Marion and his wife Janice, are especially near & dear to my parents. Janice called my Dad yesterday and said "I'm coming to Chicago Monday thru Wednesday to take care of Peggy, you and Barb take a break"

Jancie and Mike's son, just went through a horrible year of recovery and rehab due to being hit by a Drunk Driver. Michael is doing great, and just got married a few weeks ago. You can see his journey at Michael Marion.

Janice and Michael are 2 of the most beautiful, loving, giving people you'd ever meet. To have them in your lives is a true blessing, I am sure. So here I am, on the receiving end of a gift of love via my parents and their relationship with Michael and Janice, and of course, their Mom, Laura, a most dear friend of my Mom's. I don't have a lot a would need Janice to do, but she's a FANTASTIC cook, which will be a big benefit to Lee and the Girls!!!

The gifts and love just keep raining down on me, I only ask how God wants me to pay it forward!


  1. Peg:y
    Spent the afternoon reading your blog. You are my hero!! It is wonderful..lots of laughs and some tears! Like a good book.

    I will not be a Wellness Thurs. am as I am having lunch with my 83 yr.. old "Mentor" May also be going up to lake house for about 10 days if the radiation doctor lets me. So it could be 2 missed Thurs. You had better look fatter the next time I se you.


    Tall Betty from Thurs. morning Wellness. Remember Dr. Stiffey!!!!

  2. ok - do you think my husband could tell me that you are journalizing your recovery?! Hello!

    Great things are happening - CRE under 14 - that is awesome! Now - if we can just plump you up! hmmmm.....have to think about that for awhile.

    Peg, what the flip! Your Erbatux face goes perfect with my sun age spots. I say we hit the streets and strut our stuff. Feeling it - maybe next month.

    Hey - I am a great chemo buddy! Need any help - I tend to talk the whole time (I can tell you about my various fantasies with Edward Cullen) and I can be very pushy with the techs if needed.....I have even been know to do various cleaning duties - nothing phases me. (So, with a your "baggage" - does that mean gas is no more - can I get my husband one?! I know, tacky!)

    Stay Strong - the recovery will be complete soon and then you can take your journal and write a best seller helping others get through these tough times. Call, have someone call, we are always available. Seriously, don't hesitate to let me know if you need a chemo buddy - anytime!

    Gail (and Steve)