Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Unexpected- Hair Loss

Wow. I wasn't expecting this. The Doctors said I probably wouldn't lose my hair because of the drugs I'm on.

My hair is definitely "thinner" since being on chemo. What was a visual shocker to me yesterday was the hair in the sink after I dried my hair. I thought it was Colleen's or Michaela's hair- but No, theirs is Long and Curly. These hairs were 2-3 inches and straight.

It didn't register that it was MY hair until later in the evening when I brushed my hair.

Damn, It's Mine!

I have no idea if it'll just keep slowly falling out or come out in clumps. Will it just keep thinning, slowly over the long course of my Chemotherapy? Should I just shave my head now and get it over with? If I'm gonna be thin and patchy, I probably should shave it. We'll just have to wait and see how this plays out.

One more thing to add to the Fugly Stick of Cancer : Face and chest rash, sores on fingers and soles of feet, numbness in fingers/hand, diarreah, weight loss, fatigue, weakness, brain fog, mouth sores, loss of taste, skin as dry as a sandpapered alligator. Makes me want to break out in Maria's "I feel Pretty" from West Side story. Shit

I'm actually scheduled to get my haircut today, I was going to go shorter, for easier maintenance and less bed-head. Now I'm not so sure.


  1. Dear Peg,
    Yikes… when it rains it pours, I am so sorry to hear about your hair loss on top of everything else! My dad used to say “it’s like adding insult to injury” and unfortunately you have brought new meaning to that old saying.

    The next time you look in the mirror try looking beyond the externals and see the reflection of your true beauty, your amazing spirit! When I saw your picture I looked into your eyes and all I could see was the beautiful, strong, amazingly funny woman whom I hope to meet someday. My friend Megan lost her hair during chemo, but luckily she looked adorable in baseball caps and I’m thinking you would too. So after you get your hair cut go shopping, find a few chique caps and forget about the rest (I know…I know… easy for me to say) but caps and hats are very fashionable and I’m sure you’d rock the look! This is all part of your journey, and for now it’s got to be an uncomfortable and many times frightening experience but keep taking that next step and we’ll all be here trying to help when and where and if we can.

    Your energy has to be a precious commodity at this point and so spend it on something which will be of use to you, like nutrition??
    When I picture you I hold only thoughts of strength and healing. I see your evil tumors getting smaller every day and disappearing all together! I see you strong and healthy, rash free, eating well, sleeping well and yes…with a full head of gorgeous hair. You, Katie and I are out for a fabulous girl’s day, cocktails anyone? I thank God for your healing every day!

    Your new friend Mary

    PS. And if you think the Law of Attraction is a load of crap and want to tell me to take a flying leap off a tall building go ahead!!

  2. Mary- thank you from the bottom of my heart for your heartfelt and beautiful words.

  3. I just started following your blog ... love the title.

  4. Peggers! Popping in to check on ya! I'm glad to hear the rash is subsiding, however, losing the hair...WTF. I have to agree with Mary and get yourself some cute hats:) Shes right, they are totally IN right now! Hang in there my friend and know that I love and think about you every day!

    Hugs and Kisses,


  5. Sorry about the latest, must be shocking. I love your attitude, if anybody can take on cancer and open up a can of whoop-butt on it, you can. Prayers for your continued strength and grace and dignity under fire. Thanks for visiting my blog, stop by anytime.

  6. Hi Peggy
    I just read your blog for the first time tonight... I lost all my hair, it was down to the middle of my back when it started coming out in clumps and handfulls. I started to laugh one day when I looked in the mirror a few scraggly strands that made me look like Benjamin Button.. You know there is something very liberating about being bald..... lol
    Alli xx

  7. After about a month, my hair seems more voluminous and I find nearly no fallen hair after my shower with Generic Propecia.