Friday, August 14, 2009

Blip in the Road- Admitted to Hospital

I've been in Loyola since Wednesday afternoon. If you're interested here's the clinical details:

Tuesday I started having output from my butt - that's supposed to be out of commission, as I'm on an ileostomy. The Dr.was thinking this was unusual and wanted me to go to ER. After 6 hours, and some xrays, they determined that it was just some old stuff" wanting to escape, and they saw no blockages or fistulas.

The frequency of wanting to "eliminate" slowed down and then Bam, on Wed it started all over again on my way to Chemo. Lots of pain and urgency, so Dr. Lo postponed chemo, consulted with Dr. Shoup, my surgeon, and had me admitted.

MRI shows that I have some leakage from my ileo into the colon- the contrast liquid they give you to light up your organs was found in my colon.

So now it's a mystery as to why:
do I have a fistula? When tissue from to adjoining organs kind of fuse together? They haven't seen it on the scans, but the Dr. stated that it doesn't mean there isn't one.

Is it just leftover junk in my colon?

My other issue is the amount of liquid output in my pouch. My potassium and electrolytes are too low because of how much I'm losing thru diarrhea.

So, my prayer for this week is: Dear God, please let my doctors find a definitive answer to my painful output problems. Even more urgent, is for a way to slow down my output and keep me from having to go on a high dose drug with lots of side effects (tincture of opium) OR the worst would be doing IV nutrition. I pray that the lower spectrum drugs can slow down my output and loss of electrolytes.

Love to all my angels


UPDATE: Damn, I have to stay another day! The gastrograph film test they want to take can't be done today, MAYBE Satruday if not Monday. Do I have stay in the hospital all weekend? I think the prep they do has to be done at hospital. This totally sux.


  1. Peg-we will keep those prayers coming and coming and coming. Prayers for your colon,prayers for the lower spectrum drug success,prayers for your electrolyes and prayers for your 20 more years. I hate thatyou have to be in the hospital while they figure all this stuff out. Thanks for keeping us informed while you go thru this s**t. You are the strongest person I know. Our love and concern and prayers will always be with you kiddo. Love Pam and Tay

  2. Peggy,

    I am praying for you...praying they find an answer quickly and God restores your health. I'm asking a couple of other prayer warriers to join with your angels in prayer too.

    Stay strong and know there are people out here holding you up in our hearts and prayers. We love you!


  3. Pegs,

    Hang in there my girl! You are always on my mind and prayers. Let me know when you're feeling up to it as I am in need of some Peggy time:)

    I love you!