Friday, August 21, 2009

God is Great, GOd is Good, Let Us Thank Him for This News!!!

Got a call from Dr. Shoup, my surgeon yesterday to call her back this morning. Part of me was dreading possible "bad news".

Here's the News:

there was a conference held at Loyola with all the Gastro Intestinal staff- surgeons, oncologists etc... and they discussed my case and determined:

1. Reverse My Ileostomy (bye bye poo pouch) I have so much output that it keeps me from gaining weight and I get dehydrated. I dread the post-reversal Depends moments, but hey, whatever helps the cause. The surgeon has an opeing a week from Monday. 2 days in the hospital.

2. My Liver is Resectable!!! - The Doctors took a further look at my recent Cat Scans and said some of the tumors CAN be surgically removed because they've shrunk enough! Remember, I had 2 very large masses on my liver, then once they shrunk, other tumors were revealed on all 3 lobes of my liver, making it impossible to do surgery.

I am stunned at the good news but oh so Grateful!

I have to thank all you warriors who have been in this fight with me from the very beginning- I know what answered prayer is, many times over, but this is a BIGGIE!!

Keep on praying my Angels- the power of your prayers is WORKING




  1. Dearest Peggy,

    Some might say God works in mysterious ways but I say God works fast and good for him (or her)! I'm giving thanks this morning for you and all of the miracles in my life and as I take a moment to really think about it…they are many!

    Huge hugs are coming your way from Wisconsin this morning and big tears of relief.

    I love you and I’m so glad we’re friends.


  2. Peggy,

    What awesome news this is! Prayers still coming your way.


  3. Peggy,

    Thank God for that wonderful news. We'll double up on the prayers so that both of these next steps are successful and keep moving you back toward 100% health. Be strong and stay positive.

    Sean and Sarah

  4. Peggy
    Yes,great news!!Thanks for keeping us updated on your cancer journey. We are always thinking of you and praying for you. Keep up the positive attitude and you know if you need anything please call us!!
    Love Ya,
    Mindy, Art, Scott and Abby

  5. How GREAT is that news Peggy! We are so so happy for you. Prayer does indeed work but it's God's "timetable" that can be frustrating. Your road has definitely taken a positive turn for the better. Thank you so much for keeping us with you on your journey. You are nothing short of a true inspiration to all of us. The best way to seek out God in heaven is to get down on our knees. We are on ours for you.
    Love, Pam and Tay

  6. Great news. I know that you've had your struggles since, but hang in there.