Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chemo update and Scan Results

My scan showed further shrinkage of the larger masses in my liver. A slight reduction, not the 40-50% range after first scan. It's a bummer in my mind, but Dr. Lo still satisfied with my chemo progress.

I asked a bunch of questions today-

1) Would it be possible or more proactive to try a targeted therapy to my liver tumors instead of waiting it out for chemo to lose it's efficacy? Reply: stay on chemo as long as working, for best results

2) How many colon cancer patients are you currently treating? Reply: 10; She treats a high number of breast cancer. Which I can see, most of my connections and people at Chemo are Breast Cancer.

3) Colon cancer is now 2nd leading cancer diagnosis of late. Does the Loyola Cancer practice represent that stat in it's patient base? Reply: Yes

4) Why aren't cancer patients, or Me not eligible for Liver transplant: Reply: Very risky; new livers have a high occurrence of getting cancer. so a waste of a healthy organ

So I am in process of getting 2nd and 3rd opinion lined up.. waiting on getting hard copies of medical records. Just want to hear other experts.

My CEA marker reduced again from 9.9 to 7.5.

Clarifications around some of the smaller tumors which is a good sign that they are "drying up" as Dr.Lo put it.

So all in all, positive results.

I am convinced that to win the Battle, 90% is my will, my attitude and the Abundant Blessings I receive from my God Squad and angels network of friends, friends of friends, family etc..
Bless you All.

One prayer request: My childhood next door neighbor, Wendy, lost Both her parents in a span of 3 weeks. Her dad from dialysis complications, and her Mom, this past Sunday, from cardiac arrest 3 days after her triple bypass. Wendy and her mom were best friends. I ask for strength and healing while she processes these losses so cruelly at the same time.

XOXO Peggy


  1. I've been following your blog since the beginning and you're truly inspiring! You've acked for prayers for others while you're fighting a mighty battle yourself, may you continue to fight this courageous battle and WIN!

  2. Audty- thank so much for being in journey with me and your supportive words. Beleive when I say it's people like you, tha tlife me up and keep me going!


  3. Hi Peggers! I think that is excellent news! Any time you can shrink those bad boys its a good thing! Sending prayers your friends way.

    We'd like to come and see ya again at lunch, let me know when you feel up to it!



  4. Yes I've been told that too ... stay on the chemo as long as it is working.