Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Like Rosanne, Rosanna-Danna Said "It's Always something"!

Spent 6 hours at my 2nd Home- Loyola Hospital. ended up getting my porta-catheter removed. I will have to pack the open incision every day so it heals from inside to outside- just like my midline incision for origianl surgery.

Friday I will get a new porta-cath inserted on my left side- gotta keep the Chemo going.

What a Week!

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  1. what a bunch of shit. i love you and wish i could take away your shit for a day (literally!) you are my hero--going through hell to get chemo--who wudda thunk what you would do to get poison put in your body. You remain my hero and inspiration. Go girl--Im sending you all of my strength and love. Mia

    --as always--anything I can do to help your family. . .