Friday, August 28, 2009

Delay on New Porta-Cath

Dr. Lo put me on a new antibiotic to attack the infection from my original porta-cath that I had taken out on Tuesday. The site is still really tender and sore and of course there's a big gaping opening that I have to irrigate and pack everyday. So, I'm waiting for a reschedule to put my new port in. So after this port is removed some day after Chemo, I will have "eyebrow" scars on each side of my upper chest. If I can get my deflated boobs lifted, I'd really have a wierd face on my torso!

That reminds me, I better take pain meds now before I attempt re-packing.

Nothing else to report or bitch or moan about, except needing to attack insurance company, hospital bills etc!!!!

Have a great weekend My God Squad And Angels!!!!!


  1. You have a good weekend too Peggers and hopefully it will be a quiet one for you. Let me know when ya wanna get together. Always thinking about ya:)

    Love ya,

  2. Oh Peggy, I'm so sorry to hear that you and your family have to go through this. Nobody should have to go through this! You show such strength in your blog. That's always been you though. You are a "can do" person. I'm not only amazed that you have the energy to do this, but that you do it so well. I can feel your emotions so clearly. You can write, girl!
    When I think of you I remember you having tons of happy energy. You were always trying to scoop people into feeling the same way, literally- as in, you would scoop your arms up. When you came back from your semester abroad(Spain, right?), you were always speaking in spanish. Very cute. Then that spanish speaking guy in Tower was stalking you. Do you remember that we would do aerobics in the hall and he'd come down to watch us exercise? I remember you and Patricia driving down to Fla and sneaking into her house- her dad cried when he found out you two were there. So many memories.
    I'd love to see you. I'm in the city all of the time because my oldest goes to Loyola and just got her first apartment there. I'll go wherever you are. Let me know on FB. I hope that you get this and that it brings you a smile.
    I'm happy that I've found you but sad that you aren't well. I'll pray for you tonight and ask that you have a pain free and peaceful weekend. Love, Stella

  3. One more thing,Peggy. Your family is beautiful!