Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me, happy Birthday To Me

Went to church this morning with my mom- haven't been in months. Felt Good, and Father Tony gave me another one of his fabulous blessings. That man has the gift of saying exactly the right thing. He is a treasure for Mary Queen Parish.

Saw Dan Roan and his wife in church - he's a WGN Sportscaster in Chicago, lives in Elmhurst, kids at York HS.

Got Fab gifts from my awesome family: Started a Pandora bracelet for me, a memory card for my camcorder (which was actually a service award gift for my 20 years at C&W), and some Gift Cards to Ann Taylor and Anthropologie for some much-needed clothes.

Then tonight, dinner at Robertos with the family and Mom & Dad. Yummy!


  1. Hey Peg,

    Sending birthday wishes your way! Keep the positive thoughts going. I pray for your continued progress and when you encounter a speed bump along this road, while they are quite annoying, hit the gas pedal and continue on your way! Will make some plans to come visit in June. Love to you and your family, Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly

  2. Ms Peg,

    I haven't seen you in ages but have always liked you so very much. Had dinner with Jane Endres this week and she sent me your blog.

    I am so sorry you are going through this. Ick and yuk and why you??? But it sounds like you have good doctors and a wonderful family. And most of all, you have the Peggy Luckey spirit.

    My love and prayers are with you. And Happy, happy birthday, dear Peg.

    Much love,

    Peggy McTigue

  3. Happy Birthday Peg..enjoy every minute of it - you well deserve it!!! xoox deana

  4. Feliz cumpleanos, mi chicquitita, me amiga maravilla! Ten un dia muy fabuloso! Espero que tu sientes mucho mejor pronto.

    How did I do? It's been ages, and helping the boys with their Spanish only makes me all the more aware of just how bad my Spanish was (and is)!

    Love you MUCHO! Enjoy every minute of this special day!


  5. Happy Birthday!


  6. Happy Belated Birthday,
    Luv, Ellie & Bob Luckey.....