Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hi, just a quick update. I'm going to Loyola this morning for my cermuxitab/single dose shrinky-Juice infusion.

I went to the regular Doc yesterday due to swollen glands/tonsils. Waiting for culture to if if Strep. We kind of doubt it, as the "quick" culture was negative, but Dr. Rose put me on amox. to stave off any viruses. It's double-edged- as antibiotics aren't really a great idea while on chemo, but per last week's blood work, my White Blood Cell Counts were good.

Desi crashing at 188 Evergreen tonight and then she goes to California to see her family. Lee will be home from Ohio tonight. This was the first work trip he's gone on and I was solo! (no babysitter).

I'm so thankful I'm getting to the point of taking care of myself, the basics. It's given my parents a much needed break! God Bless their endless giving hearts, but I can only imagine how draining it is to be a care-giver, or just the worriede parent of a sick child. They spent the past weekend downtown at the Condo, and had a good break from the grind, and Me.

I ask for another prayer request for yet another dear friend of my parents - Nancy Jennings, who fell very ill this weekend due to complications of heart and lung issues she's dealt with for a long time.

Chicago folks- enjoy the heatwave today!!!

XOXO Peggy

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  1. Popping in to check on ya Peggers:) I see that you're doing just fine, some minor yuckies, but nothing you can't handle my dear! Glad to see you're stepping out on your own, but your my Peggy and it doesn't surprise me at all. You're the bestest and I miss ya! I'm in need of a little Peggytime, so let me know when you can:)

    Love ya girl!