Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ladies Who Lunch

My friend, angel, college room mate - Julie Dillon, spent the afternoon catering to Colon Cancer Chemo girl. We got a few errands in town out of the way but the highlight of course is FOOD.

We dined at Cafe Amano, a lovely restaurant across from the Train Station in Elmhurst. Food was delish. In an effort to eat calories, I ordered something I really don't like or would ever crave - Pesto Gnocchi with apple/gouda sauasage. It was delish!

Here's my gorgeous friend Julie - Julie - I don't want to embarass you "in public" but I count you as one of my true Heros in my life, for so many reasons I couldn't even start to write. Your friendship is but one of the most important and abundant Blessings In my life.

xoxox Peggy

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